Expired Super Six Motorsports Long Block

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Jun 10, 2013
Hey all,

Trying to get some exposure on this. I have a brand new, turned over only once, long block SOHC 4.0 and its for sale.

Block Features:

Brand new factory block, super six motorsports built with aluminum rods, 8.8:1 forged wiseco pistons, shot peened, polished and rebalanced crank. It also has a Cloyes timing set, MLS gaskets and ARP studs. It still has the paint coating in perfect condition.

Head Features:

Stage 2+ super six motorsports heads, polished chambers, oversized stainless valves with 3 angle job, stock cams.

I'm willing to sell the block and heads separately or as a package deal. This setup will run you 7-8 grand easily.

Block only: $2500 obo

Heads only (includes ARP studs, powdercoat aluminum valve covers): $1200 obo

Long Block: $3500 obo

Feel free to contact me at any time with offers or questions. I do have tons of pictures available for serious inquiries.
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Not open for further replies.