Supercharger psi


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Jun 14, 2004
hey all, i am a noob to this forum. . .but was hoping that someone could answer my question. i've gotta 99_v6 5spd . i am planning on installing a supercharger, but i'm wondering what psi i should run it at. . i would like to run about 7psi.

but i am wondering if when i run my supercharger at 7 psi is there anything else am i going to have to do to my engine upgrade wise?

also if anyone has a good suggestion on a good supercharger to get. . .i am just looking at getting a procharger but would like to know any other opinions as to what i should get and where.

thanx for your time and feedback.
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time to read up, when you get a super charger a few things change. Since your pumping air into a motor that was once vaccum you can see some challenges for the stock computer. When upgrading with a super charger its best to get a "kit" if you will. You'll need...

Bigger fuel pump
Bigger injectors
A chip burnt for your specific application

And of course, a supercharger....also most quality kits use a "Intercooler" , basicly its like an Air radiator, keeps the compressed air going into your motor cool. Thats just the basics, its not exactly the "first mod" type upgrade people do...but none the less cool!
hey thanks for the response i am planning on getting a kit with a dual cell intercooler and an chip and what not, but i was mainly just wonder what psi would safe to run on a my motor before it does any damage to seals and what not.

get a procharger kit, they have a 7psi, and an 11psi kit w intercooler. You get mostly everything you need, as far as upgrading just be ready to fix stuff if it breaks, like your tranny, rear end, pistons, rods, heads, seals, springs, sprockets, etc.
you can run 11 psi safely but 7 psi will be extra ok and you wont hafta spend as much money upgrading your fuel system but i would go for the 11 psi for the extra power...
PSI is not what really kills a motor its a tune, you can do more damage to your car with 5psi and a crappy tune than 15psi on a good tune....

if you plan to run 7psi you will be perfectly fine IF YOU have a good dyno tune, NOT a mail order chip but a real dyno tune by a professional. and the only ones i would trust are justin with sct or

teh only other issue is the 94 to mid 96 have head gasket issues so make sure it has been replaced or replace it your self with a GOOD BRAND not an autozone special.