Suspension Overhaul - Looking for Advice (Spend my money!)


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Oct 10, 2004
I've got a 1993 LX that I'm looking to overhaul. My main concern right now is completely replacing the front and rear suspension, shocks and struts are worn, I'm sure all the bushings are original, etc. This is a 99.9% weekend cruiser/stoplight to stoplight car, I don't plan to road race or drag it. The car is currently lowered and has weld-in subframe connectors. The ride is pretty harsh, which I'm not totally against if it means better handling, but something that can turn well and not shake my teeth out is welcome too. I've got a shop recommending BMR suspension parts ( and I'm weighing those versus MM. They'll be installing BMR's torque box repair kit as well. Could you all help me decide on:

1. UCAs (aftermarket with poly bearings vs keeping stock arms and replacing rubber bushings with ____?)
2. LCAs (poly/poly or poly/spherical). Shop is recommending poly/spherical which I'm afraid will be noisy from what I've read.
3. Shocks, struts, and springs for front and rear. Bilstein? KYB? Coilovers?

I don't really have a budget for the suspension stuff but the car will be getting a 5-lug swap probably in the spring. Buy once cry once is fine as long as I don't have to buy again when I do the swap.
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I don't know about BMR as I haven't used their stuff, but the MM stuff is super high quality, well designed and built and I recommend calling them and telling them your goal and they can help you with a plan far better than we can here. Honestly, Jack Hidley at MM has forgotten more about mustang suspension than most of us will ever know.
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Setup the rear pinion angle for good traction. If it's done right, the tq on launch will force the axle downward towards the pavement loading more weight onto the tires. Proper pinion angle is important.
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