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Eibach pro drag kit, or a set of moroso trick springs.
If this is a car that will see mostly track duty, i'd do it, if it is mostly a street car, i wouldn't.
For shocks an adjustable set of strange or qa1 will help too.
Would it be a bad idea to run a set of Eibach Drag Launch springs on the street? I dont realy care to much about handling, i just want the car to transfer as much weight as possible to the back so i can get better traction. Right now it just roasts them through first and second... Also would it be a good idea to run the lakewood drag shocks with the eibachs?
I don't think it would be a bad idea because thats exactly what I'm going to do. I plan on getting a set of strange engineering struts and shocks so I can stiffen it up a bit for street use. It deffinetally is bouncier then the ford motorsport c springs i took out.
Invest the money in drag radials instead. Your combo isn't a hardcore setup, so if you need a better ET, spend the money on more power instead.

86cobra, with a 1.6, i wouldn't of messed with a thing, IMO you are sacrificing a better street car for a meisly 1 to 3 tenths.

I tried the street drag thing, driving the car sucked anytime the road wasn't straight.