swaping my 88 2.3l for my 86 2.3 liter.. HELP

Dark Blue 87

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Apr 26, 2002
Fairfield, CT
Hey guys,

I have two mustangs right now. One is a rusty old piece of crap 86 coupe with a 1 barrel 2.3, the other is a nice 88 hatch with a "tired" 2.3. What I'm trying to do is take the 2.3 from my 86 (which only has 50k on it) and drop it in my 88 and keep the fuel injection stuff. Is it as simple as switching the intakes and what not? Do I just unbolt all the F.I. stuff from the 88 and bolt it on to the 86 engine? the 86 is a carb motor so keep that in mind. Do I have to change timing covers? Please let me know of any little hold ups I might have bbecause while I do this I wont have a car to drive so I need to know I'm prepared. THANK YOU!
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just completed my 86/89 swap. Yes all you have to do is bolt on. as long as your intake on the head matches the bottom half of the intake ports then you golden. tear the 86 down to just the block and head and use everything off your 88 to complete it. it would be a good idea to check all your sensors and clean injectors while you already have it torn down. hope it goes as well for you as it did me. if you got anymore ?'s lemme know, and ill try and help. :flag: