T5 Rebuild and Bad Shoe Productions


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Aug 1, 2009
St.pete FL
Does anyone here have a run in with rebuilding their T5 or using any of the videos that Bad Shoe Productions is putting out. just trying to figure out if i should take on the task of rebuilding my T5. the reviews of the videos are very good and someone from another board claims he built his car from rebuilding T5 trans because of this video.

any input?

Bad Shoe Productions How To Video Series - Ford Transmissions & Rears
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I have that DVD (and rebuilding the Ford 9" DVD as he had a buy one get one free special going).

Unfortunately, I haven't watched either of them yet. The T5 video is over 3hrs long, and came with a .PDF document full of specs, torque numbers, etc.
I bought the AOD rebuild video. I haven't rebuilt the trans yet but I did watch the vid just to get ready for it. The walk through on rebuild is awesome, he takes the time to go through each step and explains what and why your doing what your doing. I believe it won't be that difficult to rebuild the trans after watching the vid.