Electrical Tail Light Wiring Help....


Sep 2, 2013
Hi all,
1st post here.
Just bought my 2002 GT.
While going in detail thru the car ( and in the middle of installing sequential tail lights) I came across an interesting predicament.
The passenger side went without a hitch...However, when I got to the driver side, I found the female/male pigtails (where you can disconnect the tail light harness) were melted/fused together in one messy block! Amazingly, ALL the lights work fine atm. I have no idea what the previous owner could of done to cause this.
Anyway, i really need to fix this. Would anyone have pics of how the wiring should look on the drivers side?
Are they they same colors and layout as the passenger side?
Here are pics:
Passenger side normal (main harness, looking up):

Drivers side Abnormal:

Quite the mess as you can see..
Any help an this would be appreciated. Thanks ahead.
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