TC Stalls and Bucks after it warms up


New Member
Oct 30, 2001
Lorain, Ohio
Maybe someone has had this happen to them before..... It only happens after the car has been running for 5+ minutes or so and only under part throttle. It has no bearing on full throttle performance. When you are cruising down the road at say 2000 rpm, the car (1988 Turbo Coupe) will just cut out, or buck, like someone killed the ignition for a second. Then when you come to a stop, or push in the clutch, the idle becomes erratic, and it wants to stall. If you give it gas, you can keep it running, but if you let your foot up, it will eventually hover around and die. If you continue to drive it, sometimes it goes away, but most of the time it doesn't. I have my knock sensor unplugged. Other than that, I have a K&N cone air filter, and a HBC boost controller on it. I set the timing to 10 degrees (spout unplugged), replaced the plugs, Oxygen Sensor, and had the TFI module tested and it passed.
I'm getting two codes:
28-Vane air temperature (VAT) out of range
34- EGR on/off switching not detected

I put a vacuum gauge in place of the EGR valve and it gets 7" of vacuum during the self test. I read also that if the car was taken in for a recall, that this 34 code would remain in your computer no matter what happens. How can I test/repair the VAT? Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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