Tech Tip of the Week 3318


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Jan 27, 2007
north central Tennessee Valley
At times we all have to purchase tires, new or used or even purchase a used vehicle with used tires on them. It may not be known to many that you can determine the "age" of the tires. On every tire there is a 4 digit "date code". On the Wranglers on my '97, at the end of all the information starting with the tire size through load rating etc, there is an oval section with 4 digits in it. Mine reads "0915". That is the 9th week of 2015. If yours were to read "0110" I would say you might want to buy some new tires. Generally the safe life of rubber is 5 years.
If you notice in the heading "Tech Tip of the week 3318", that is the 33rd week of 2018, I'm using a tire date code.
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