Temp. Gauge


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Jan 9, 2007
My temperature gauge isn't working and I was wondering if you guys could post a pic of the sensor that most likely went out???? I bought a sensor from advance but couldn't find where it went................Chilton's Manuals Suck:bang:
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Look on the drivers side behind the dizzy....it sits right there...
sensor should look like this..
Mine look different as I have an AM gage line feeding there replacing the stock sending unit.


O.K. so I have the sensor on the left, is this the place it plugs in? I thought it went in there but I took it apart and it doesn't hook up right, however the threads are the same.

Picture 003.jpg

BTW I broke this thing putting my intake in after I was done cleaning it, the car runs the same with it broken. So is it important or not really???

Picture 004.jpg
Hmmmmmm, never thought to check the drivers side, the stupid chiltons manual didn't say where it was but I saw a pulley in the pic and assumed the sensor was near one. Maybe I was looking at the wrong sensor picture.
It looks like you took a pic of the ECT.

Some clarification:

The ECT is a sensor. It has a couple wires to it.

The gauge sending unit is on the driver's side lower intake (as noted). It has one wire going to it.

Ensure you got a gauge sending unit from the parts store (not an ECT).

The item you broke looks like a smog system solenoid. The car will run alright without it but the AIR system will not. If you have stock cats, I'd fix it so the cats get their extra air injection.
Good luck.
Yeah I have the right sensor and I actually changed it out like 5mins ago, will see how well it works when i go into town today.

Thanks for the help guys:SNSign:

BTW Hissin50 I don't have any cats on my car so do you think it will be alright not to replace that hose???
BTW Hissin50 I don't have any cats on my car so do you think it will be alright not to replace that hose???

If you don't have cats, you really could remove all of that smog stuff (those rubber lines leaving the smog pump, the two diverter valves, check valve and pump).

Good luck.
BTW Hissin50 I don't have any cats on my car so do you think it will be alright not to replace that hose???

FWIW....I would at a minimum block that hose....or get an lenght of hose and reconnect them...Its a vacuum leaks of sorts...in (2) places to boot....The other end may be sucking air?? Its connected to these up in the pass side fender..
I'd take the time to block em off...

Nice catch Andy. I thought he meant he had a hole in the actual smog pump discharge hose (the stuff that's the size of a water pump bypass hose). That crap can vent.

It sounds like you think he tore the vacuum line, and in that case, he absolutely needs to follow your advice Andy. :nice:
Crap, when I saw the entiire thermactor solenoid circled, I thought he broke that. Now I looked again and see what Andy saw - the broken vac line.

Very good catch Andy. :nice:

I also have snapped those (I snapped mine at the EGR) and like Andy said, a short run of small ID rubber line works well as a splice. You can also buy new runs of plastic hard line at the parts store.

Good luck.