test drive - '01 Cobra


Oct 15, 2004
hey ya'all, I test drove an 01 cobra yesterday,and it didnt SEEM to have a whole lot more "get up"than my 97 GT (mods in sig)

I think I mustve just not given the cobra all it had... causeI would assume it'd smoke my GT...

anyone have any idea ( a guess) as to how much power I may hve added to my GT, by the -chambers & off road H????? losing all those cats MUST increase flow!!!!

but I dont see how it could make enough power to make my car come even close to the 01 cobra.

just lookin for thoughts
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That's weird for a 97 Gt to feel as good as a newer model cobra, there has to be at least 60 rwhp difference. But feeling the same and running the same are two different things, unless the cobra has some sort of engine problem I don't see the GT in the same ballpark. :shrug:
Sometimes its hard to judge by the seat of the pants feel. I know when i drove a 05 five speed gt it didn't seem any faster than my car when it was stock but in all reality i'm sure it was faster with having 40 horse advantage on mine.
yeah, the cobra would kill you. as for your mods, like stated above, you might be lucky for 200, but id expect something around 190.
ive had the same expreience with that though.
my friends friend has a 13 flat car, and he took me for a ride in it, and it really didnt feel any different then my car, but i had to notcie how fast we were passing cars, and stationary objects, and such. thats the only way i knew his car was any faster. the stationary objects were things like from a stop, to a fire hydrant or something along those lines. i go back and attempt them with my car and it wasnt even close.
how high did go in the RPM's? our motors love to be revved, and tend to make their power up top. i know my 01 didn't feel THAT much faster than my 03 GT (which has about 50 rwhp on your car), but it was faster when I raced people and passed people, etc etc..

as for the power you are making..well you aren't making much. 96-98 GT's were pigs, you need to do a PI headswap and PI intake swap to regain the power that ford left out.
I know that my car isn't as fast as the cobra, but i just didnt "seem" to have that much of a different "feel" - odd...but then again, not knowing the cobra and it's cgears and all, I probably didnt drive it nearly as well as I could have.

Funny thread. I was thinking the same thing when I test drove my 99 Cobra the day I bought it. I was thinking "man, this is a Cobra? doesnt feel that much faster than my 99GT if at all?!?!" then I got on a side road and watched the RPMS carefully as I shifted. It wasn't till I got a chance to take it to about 6500RPMS and felt it just kept pulling that I was wearing a big ass grin. To me it seems like the cobra really comes alive above 4grand. These DOHCs LOVE to REV. My GT felt like it had more power under that RPM level but nothing even close to it above there. I think the SOHCs have more low end torque which helps to "feel" faster especially from a dead stop. Sure its a 4.6, but its a whole a different beast under the hood. After I got a catback and intake she's really started to come alive. Gear$ have to wait till next summer...