The drone, the drone,AAGGGHHH!


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Apr 26, 2005
Please recommend something other than these ^&%$%@) Flowmasters, they are killing me! TIA (Stock exhaust, flows welded in ) Not looking for LOUD, thanks
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MikeZ28 said:
I love that drone. but i can see how it would bother some..

I love the drone. Sometimes i drive right at 2000RPM justy to hear it...and even then it's not loud enough :D

The new Delta-flow flowmasters are a lot quieter than the old style. I notice with my windows up and the radio at normal volume i can barely hear my exhaust. I found myself, during the winter, lowering the radio and cracking a window just to hear my car.

Meanwhile my friends in the car behind me are complaining about how loud my car is
I have the Flowmaster 1 chambers and to tell you the truth they're really not that loud, a friend told me that they're kind of Jeckyl and Hyde..mild noise until you romp on it. The "drone" is there at around 1700-2000 RPM's but I guess if you like a quieter resonance then you can't go wrong with Delta Flow mufflers either.
i've got the off-road prochamber with some welded in 2-chamber flowmasters (40 series) and i love the sound.. i usually cruise around in low rpm's just to save gas, but on the weekends i cruise around at about 2000 rpm just so i can hear it and so others can hear me.. i love the sound