The Fox Hunt Begins


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Jan 6, 2018
After growing up and owning 60"s and early 70's cars, I have decided to venture into the EFI kingdom in search of my first ford fox body. This EFI stuff is somewhat new to me, as I always have been a carb/supercharger guy. I don't have alot of money stashed away after my wife and I going through cancer.
With that being said, I am on a budget and I don't mind taking my time building my last toy.
I did find this tonight:
I have not had a chance to text the gentleman to discuss the car. I see it has been converted to a N/A carb car.
I know these cars were EFI cars originally.
Can someone chime in and tell me if this is something to take a look at or walk away?
I do like the coupes, but I don't mind a hatch if the price is right and the body is solid.
I am so fricking OCD, I may never find what I want.....LOL
Anyway.... any words of wisdom from the fox gurus would be appreciated.
My intentions are to build a resto mod car per say.
I am a purist too when it comes down to brass tacks.....
But this car is going to be a mail carrier as well as look good.
Thanks to all that chime in ahead of time.
Everyone's help is appreciated.
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Sep 5, 2001
Fort Knox, KY
$3,500 tells me that there's more than meets the eye on that car. It should be selling quite a bit higher. Even the body alone is worth that or more. There's probably some issues he's not disclosing.

I would personally never buy a carbed fox, but since that's your bread and butter, I'll leave that to your judgment.

I would definitely get a VIN on that car to see if it's originally a V8 car or a 4 cyl car. If the 8th digit is an E, then it was a V8 car and thus will have the V8 brakes, 8.8" rear end, WC transmission, and GT suspension. If it was an original 4 cyl car, it's probably on the original 7.5" rear, soft LX suspension, non-WC T5, but there's no telling without looking at it. Based on its price, I'd assume someone didn't want to bother with a wiring harness and just dropped in a carbed 302, maybe not even an HO.

All that said, there just isn't much in the ad to go off of.

$3,500 is not much for a good running V8 coupe. If it's an original V8 car and running well, it's worth more than he's asking.
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Feb 18, 2001
Not much to go by in the ad. I'm betting former 4cyl car that was V8 swapped. Sometimes going carb beats tracking down her corrct V8 harnesss as Ford made changes every other year and some are 1-2 year specific

Still, I see cheap headlights, cheap wheels and a cheap tint job. It might be a good beater/driver, but maybe not a foundation for a big project.

I'd start with a factory untouched efi setup vs tying to learn by converting the carb to efi


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Jan 6, 2018
Thank you gentleman. My thoughts were of the same per say. I was a bit curious as there was not much description and only one pic. I know this will be a search and destroy
I have looked at about 12 cars so far. As we all know, the picture always seem to look better than the car really is in most cases.
Yeah... I want a real 5.0 , 8.8 rear, manual, etc. I can always wrench. I don't want rust.
I know It's going to be a give and take hunt. I'd rather have a very solid body than anything. The drive train can always be machined and rebuilt.
Thanks again for the replies.
Good bunch of people on this forum.
The help is much appreciated.
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Jan 6, 2016
Seems decent ones are getting hard to find unless spending big money. Plenty out there that seem to be poorly modified.


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Feb 18, 2001
Plenty out there that seem to be poorly modified.
Yup, but the owners out there see a similar car sell for $10k and assume theirs is worth the same.

However the sad reality is a clean coupe is $$$. You'll spend $6-8k or more for one. A $3k mustang is really a beater these days.

Like I said in another thread, the current bang for buck cars these days are the 96-98GT. Nobody wants them and you can get clean ones for $4-5k in my neck of the woods. A PI swap, exhaust, plenum, TB and it's a 300hp crank hp car plus you get disk brakes, abs, better wheel options And a more rigid chassis. It's just not a fox


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Mar 2, 2015
I wouldn't turn away from a decent v8 swapped 4 cylinder car. I know a few guy ( me included ) that have done them well....with correct harnesses and all.

The 4 cylinder cars are usually less beat on than their bigger v8 brothers. They are also cheaper. You can find a decent, rust free, 4 banger for 1500 bucks. Guy here is selling engine and t5 trans for 1k.....8.8 rears all day for 350...brake conversion to 4 wheel disc...1k....trans tunnel hump, clutch pedals, wiring harness 500. Still under 3.5k.

Mist of us will completely strip and rebuild the car, why start with a 6k car that's been beat on ?

A true v8 fox will be worth way more in the future.....but only if its done well....and, especially, if its all stock.

The v8 swapped cars will still be worth more than a beat up true v8.


You have a nice rear end there Dave.
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Nov 29, 1999
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The 1996 Mustang was the first year of the mustang with the 4.6 mod motor. They had crappy heads and I think they were rated around 210-215 horsepower. These cars are heavier than the foxbody so don't expect this car to be as fast as the ad seems to want to make it. It looks good, paint is nice, not a fan of removing back seats (like he did) and "racing seats" personally. I would prefer a nice clean original interior. My thought is you should really narrow down what you want. An 87-93, or a 94-2003 and then search from there. Don't settle for a mustang that you might not really be happy with.


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Jan 6, 2018
I have called on this one and left a message already. It appears pretty clean from the pics and description.


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Jan 6, 2018
Well, after returning fro the doctors today, my wife and I had a little discussion and the thought it is to start a slow project car on a tight budget. My doc thinks it will be good therapy or me. I have lost my voice after 53 years and life can get depressing real quick. So, I'm going to try and buy the cleanest car I can for 3-4k and build it from there. I'm going to name her "Therapy".
I figure I can get a somewhat clean car (maybe not a fox) and work on it daily. I have a regular car for work and such.
I know alot of you guys are younger or have the money to play like I "used" to with they're toys.
But money has gotten tight and I just need something to help me over the hump and fill my mind with activity and enjoyment.
I am definitely going to get a V8 car. I don't want to have to worry about the conversions. Done enough of that years ago.
The appreciation is there to all that have been chiming in. It does help.
I'll keep my eyes peeled and try to pick the cleanest car I can to start on. Any extras that may come with the car will be a plus.
A clean and straight body are important. I have spent 10k plus on paint jobs and I don't want to do that
I want to drive my car... not look at it.
As long as it's solid, I don't care. You can stuff alot of horsepower under a stock hood.
Thanks again from all that have chimed in.
Keep the shiny side up.
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wonder how much it would cost to ship you a pair
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Aug 25, 2016
polk county florida
My car does not have a shiney side so I'm confused, nothing new.
Good luck and keep us posted, meanwhile I'll paint 'this side up' on my roof.
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