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Feb 5, 2002
Alright, I've got big plans for the car this summer. I've already gotten new tires (225/55/R16 Kumho Ecsta 712's) and an Eibach Pro-Kit ($25), and they've helped a lot. Next up are subframe connectors, shocks/struts, and brakes. Probably going to go with the UPR subs, as they seem to be well-constructed and are only about $55. I'm still waiting for my free spindles and rotors, 'cuz the guy and I cannot seem to figure out a meeting time. I'm trading him an engine hoist I got for free from a friend for his old V8 spindles and 30K-mile stock rotors. :D I should be able to get those turned at work, which will be much cheaper than CarQuest. Planning on staying stock 5.0 on the brakes except for Hawk brake pads, probably the HP series (IIRC). Now the big question....which shocks and struts to get? I've thought about Koni reds, but haven't seen any deals on those in a while, and I obviously hate to pay full price ($400+). Also thought about Tokico Illuminas and Tokico HP's, but am not decided yet. Do I really need the adjustability that I'd get with the Koni's and Illuminas? My plan for the car is just a good street car, with some passes at the track every month or so, and maybe a casual autocross someday.

I figure that when all this is done (as well as my squealing TOB and ticky HLA's), the car will be just about ready to become fast. :D

This turned out to be a book, lol, but give me your opinions on my ideas here. :nice:

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