the pony wont go...????

So i am having this problem with my 95 GT now running so hot. I cannot push the gas more than half way to the floor or she bogs out and just wont go. So i figured id give her a tune up. I added new plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter,cold air intake, and 2 new o2 sensors and while I was at it a full MAC exhaust system. AND STILL!!! the car wont go like it used to. I am clueless where to go next... I was told to try and clean the MAF and T-body and put some injector cleaner in it but I run 91 octaine or better fuel in it and that isnt helping either.... PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!! :shrug:
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Did the exhaust system include cats or was it a cat back Mac system? Clogged cats will cause that problem. And did you clean the MAF and what did you clean it with. It's also possible that the MAF sensor is bad. Have you pulled trouble/fault codes?

I just noticed that you have another thread about the exhaust which included a new O/R H pipe. That would eliminate the possible cat issue.
And what temps are you seeing? Is it an automatic? They get really sluggish when coolant and intake temps are up.
For cleaning use MAF, Electrical Contact or Non-Chlorinated Brake cleaner. Spray well and let them dry. I'm not certain cleaning the IAT will do much but it won't hurt. Pull codes first.

so after all the hell i went through to try and get the car to run right i decided to pull the MAF sensor apart and clean it with MAF sensor cleaner from my local parts store.... GO FIGURE they make stuff to clean it... any how it was a bit dirty so after cleaning it and reinstalling it in the intake... BAM! She goes like hell again. I would suggest that everyone clean their MAF sensor its really easy and my car is running like a champ! Thanks for everyones help! And btw... no more CEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :nice: