the search is over


In just 10 years, I'll be old enough to drive!!!!
Dec 28, 2005
columbus ohio
bought a cobra today. love the thing. :D

1999 rio red with the dark charcoal leather. stock besides a stage 2 spec clutch and a flow master cat back and the bullets that are on it...i want cobra wheels though so they will be going away later on after i find a set.

it didnt come with the SVT documents but ill call SVT on Monday and take care of that. came with the windows sticker though :nice:

picture sucks. black berry dose not take good pics with alot of sun out :notnice: get better ones tomm!



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that price sounds pretty reasonable. down here in florida, when i was looking for a mustang all of the non-termi cobra's were going for like 7,500 and up and most of them had like 150,000+ on the odometer. i ran across 3-4 and the one that kept popping up for months on CL was a black 98 or 99 with like 153k for 8,500.