think ford screw up my gear color


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Mar 25, 2006
oswego Il
i bought a ford speedogear for the trans cause my speed meter bounces around and then just stop. so i went to ford and they sold me a red gear, so i put it in and speedomer bounce around then stops all together again so i said screw it i will go rpms. now its anoying me. so what color should i have stock t5 with a 3.73 gear. 86 mustang thanks
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That sounds like a speedometer cable issue, not a gear issue. If it's the stock transmission with the 7 tooth driven gear inside the tailhousing, the 21 tooth red gear is the correct part.
if it bounces and then stops it is either the cable or it was installed wrong. What I mean by installed wrong is that maybe it has backed out a bit because it wasnt totally lined up right when you put it in. We had this happen when my buddy did his and he developed the bouncing then a little later a trans leak form the gear hole, then when we got under it and pulled it out again we noticed it was not all the way in like it should have been. We reinstalled it and no more bouncing.
Does it bounce around at lower speeds? I think that speedo needle bounce at low speeds is common in Fox cars. If its bouncing around at anything higher than 25-35MPH then you have a problem. If not I wouldn't worry to hard about it. Sounds like you have the right speedo gear.