Thinking about a Mach 1....


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Apr 16, 2004
Canton, Michigan
Im pretty close in convincing myself to go ahead and get this Mach the local dealer has. Its a white auto with only 7500 miles. Their asking $20,000 for it to start. I haven't gone to look at it in person, but if it is flawless, there will be little stopping me in getting it.

I think I've had it with this rustbucket of a car. It still runs great and a decent 10footer, but the nuanceses are just creeping up too much. I'm partial to the 94-98 style and told myself that if there was going to be an upgrade, i would just buy an other 98 in prestine condition and go from there.

What to do? And what about the mods, any interchangable? Price to high?

oh, carfax if you got it please..1FAFP42R73F432469
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That seems like a good price.

I'm speaking from experience here since I have an automatic Mach, the first performance mod you need to do is install at least a 3200rpm stall converter which will run you around $700, plus what ever it cost for the install, you will need to buy a handheld tuner or get it tune to take full advantage of the converter, you need to firm up the shift and set shift points and pressure. I dropped a little over .75 second off my 1/4 time with this mod only and that with me guess on were to set stuff.

This was the last mod I did on the Mach and if I had to do it all over again it would be my first.:D

Good Luck.:nice:
I was deffinetly thinking that a handheld tuner would be a first mod. I don't race much though, I wouldn't know i the stall would be worth it right now. Thanks,

I just couldn't get into the 05+ style enough to go for it. I'll have fun with the Mach until the redesign comes out and go from there. It will be awhile but the mustang in me will still be thriving.

Looks like I won't be able to get to the dealer till thursday, ahh I hate waiting...
20K from a dealership is a good price. I'd definitely find out everything about the cars backround. I know of a guy who bought a Mach for $30K cash last year:nonono: and then on the title he was sent, it said "salvage". He took the Mach back and got his money back.
If they are asking 20k for it then you should not give them anymore then 18k...they probably only gave 16k for a trade for it so be strong...i don't see the market for mustangs in Mich being all that hot this time of year so don't be afraid to get up and walk...they will call back with a better offer. Now that there are 05's coming off lease the 99-04's will drop in value on the used car market.
a couple of shots

As I was going to start taking all sorts of pics, I only got these 2 then the camera went dead. Figures... When There is time, I will get some quality day pics and such to whore it out more.



So far I got 100+ miles just cruising around a learning how to drive with the new found goodness. I especially love the seats as they wrap you into them more. Compared to the 98', I feel your in a much more elavated position, helps with your viewing angles and such.

Love the new power also. Nothing like a 80 hp boost and 3.55 gearing for medication.


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