thinking of getting borlas


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Nov 1, 2003
i'm in a bind here, i'm looking at getting either borlas or maganflows. does anyone have any sound clips or know where i could go to find some of borlas. cause i'm tired of the flows and all the same old sounding stang, i want something that sounds differant.
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Do you already have flows? As I posted in another thread, my borla's sound almost identical to my old flows (40 series) on the inside of the car. You can tell the difference on the outside of the car though. I noticed a greater variance in exhaust pitch playing with different size/length exhaust tips. :rolleyes:
I've got Magnaflows attached to an O/R Prochamber and I love it. I was in the same boat as you, because I didn't want another Mustang that sounded like everyone else's. I went with the Magnaflows because they're a hell of a lot cheaper than the Borlas, and they're both stainless steel. You really can't go wrong with either one though. They're both great products. Just my .02
highvolts said:
There are TWO high quality sound clips on my website of the STINGER cat-back. One is with the stock midpipe and one is with a catted pro-chamber. (Website in siggy)

Those are good quality sound files, but OMG do those stingers sound like trash!!! I wouldn't get those. No offense, but they sound broken....that back-pressure snapping/popping sounds terrible. I'll keep my loudmouth :D
hognutz said:
saleen used to use borla and roush uses magnaflow.

not sure if saleen switched to magnaflow as well. I like magnaflows price but I like the sound of borla better but sound is all preference.

I would buy the borla stinger kit if I were buying exhaust right now no doubt about it.

Yep Saleen switched to Magnaflow as well- and the new 05 Steeda V6 cars use Magnaflow-
damn highvolts your sound clips sound sweet. and the ones of the magnaflows sound good too. i like the borlas little bit more though. depends on what kind of deals i can find on them though. i'm just really glad people are getting differant sounds for the stangs now, cause the same old sound of flowmasters were getting really old. i mean they sound good but they sound kinda hollow, and the one thing i really hate is the 2k drone. but thanks for all the replys guys.