Saleen Third Brake Light On '99-'04 Saleen Wing


Founding Member
Aug 1, 1998
Churchton, MD
I've got one of the S281 wings on my 2003 GT and was recently told that the third brake light is no longer working. I initially thought it was something in the wiring as that has happened before, but after fiddling with the rather basic wiring, it still won't light. I looked at the assembly a little close and noticed that one of the LED bulbs is black, and another one actually broke off the inside. I'm wondering if those could be the culprit.

Anyway...couple questions...

1. Does anybody have a good place to buy a replacement brake light assembly?
2. What would be the easiest way to run the wiring through the spoiler and back into the trunk? When the shop installed the spoiler, no doubt that it was a lot easier to run the wiring from inside the spoiler to inside the trunk...

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