This is what People behind me now see!!!

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Yeah, it would also look good with an LX rear bumper but like Darkwriter said, you would have to get rid of the rest of the GT ground effects to make it look good.

I know that. :lol:

Ok, let me try it this way...

What do you think about an LX (not the OP's car) with only the front Saleen airdam and a Saleen wing? No other ground effects. That's what my car has.
I like Saleen wings on GT's, IMO the GT spoiler with the GT bumper makes the car look tail heavy from the profile.

Saleen wing on a GT = :nice:

The GT spoiler looks better on the LX.

Saleen on Saleen = :nice:

Saleen wing on a LX = Too much, but some can pull it off.
i dont mind the saleen on a gt stockish look. but on my lx...oh helll no! its all cracked an whatnot from the previous owner. i plan on stickin M80's on it an watchin it turn to powder. but..if thats what you like its all that matters. unless of course, you put the turbo wing on it then i'd have to make fun of it :D