Those who have put roll bars in..


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Nov 15, 2005
I ran into a snag. I bought the 6 point roll bar from MM, and had it fitted to the car, taken out, 2 back bars welded to the main hoop, everything painted and i was putting it in this weekend to get it ready for welding. I have a serious problem and just a general question..

Serious Problem - when you have the main hoop in the car, the 2 back bars dont reach all the way to the wheelwells. They are just under 1/2" too short. I need to figure out how to mate the plates to the wheelwell so i can weld the damn thing together. Any ideas?

General Problem - In the NHRA rule book, i believe it states that they have to be both welded and bolted in to be legal.. can anyone verify this? Also.. Since the pads on the bottom do not sit flush on the floorpan (because the pan isnt flat, it has high and low spots in the stamping), are you only supposed to weld it where it actually meets the floor, or are you supposed to fill in the gaps with the welds also?
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