Throttle body opinions


Jul 28, 2008
Laredo TX
Hey all, i just have a quick question for any of you that have installed custom throttle bodies. I have a friend thats currently offering me an accufab 75mm throttle body for $150 brand new. Heres a link for the exact item:
Accufab 75mm Polished Throttle Body (96-04 GT) at - Free Shipping!

Now, I've always wanted a BBK 78mm, but my friend has told me it can be too much airflow for an engine like mine that has not been modded much. Here is a link for the BBK:
BBK 78mm Mustang Throttle Intake (96-04 GT) at - Free Shipping!

My questions is, if any of you all have installed either of the throttle bodies, which do you recommend (the accufab being $150 vs the $260 BBK). I need some input on the performance difference, considering the price differences as well. I know that the BBK looks beautiful installed, as per the pics on the site. Incase it helps, my car has a flowmaster exhaust, .373 gears, MGW short throw shifter, and diablo predator tune. Please give me some feedback on what YOU would do. Thanks!
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75 is more then enough, even with boost. The stock T-body is not a restriction though for a bolt on only 4.6L. It may "feel" like it did something but really its just letting more air in on lower throttle positions. At WOT the stock will flow more then the engine can suck.
I got my Stack Racing 75 mm TB from AM for $100 shipped while on sale a couple a months back. No complaints at all. I don't see any need in spending more than $150ish on a TB.

A bigger TB will not hurt performance, but there is no need in paying more for a larger one when you don't need it. 75 mm is plenty for even a pretty heavily modified car. I do think people have logged pretty good track results with the BBK unit, but whether it's worth all the extra money is debatable. For me? Definitely not worth it.
Thats a whale of a deal..... I paid like $150. for mine about 5 years ago.

It was like 75 bucks plus 10 bucks for shipping and then i found a discount code online, so it came out to like 81 bucks shipped. I have nothing bad to say about the ford racing one, i mean a throttle body does not need to be 250 bucks to work, i matched this with a C&L plenum just like you did and i love it. Now i cant wait to throw these cams on here and need to find a PI intake kit the one that comes pre tapped for the coolant sensor and get done with this bad boy.
Ohhh, I thought maxpowers meant a difference between stock and the 75mm. Now that I see te ford racing one, I'll definately take it into consideration as well. Thanks again for the opinions, and let me know if the ford racing is "more bang for your buck".
Alright last question guys, sorry. So the 70mm Ford Racing TB should perform just as good as the 75mm Accufab correct? If so i'll definitely buy it tomorrow.

Oh and one more thing, does anyone know the size of the stock TB?
Thanks again!