Throwout Bearing

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On my 01 gt when the tb started squealin I got maybe 6months at the most before it went completely....lots of horrible noise then.I would replace the entire clutch setup as soon as I was able.Cuz that sucker will go at the worst time.
if your car has some miles on the clock I would recommend replacing the clutch at the same time... The ford TOB tend to not squeal as much so i would recommend not using the TOB and purchasing a ford one with the clutch install...
I would definitely stick to a Ford TOB when you do replace it. Sometimes you can extend their lives a little longer with some well place white lithium grease. However don't let it go too long as they will eventually size and could damage the input shaft.

all depends on how u drive... i have seen cars with 30K and clucthes are shot and i have seen 180K... so its all in how u are with it... but yeah while ur in there i would recommend changing it and getting the flywheel resurfaced....
Yea, I think I am just going to go ahead and get a new throwout bearing installed. The question is, do i replace the clutch or not. I am waiting on the ford dealer to open it up and let me know
I really would replace the whole kit,they are already gonna be in there to replace the TB,it shouldnt cost anymore labor to do the rest,otherwise later on down the road your gonna pay for that labor again to replace the worn disk,then you know for sure your gonna be good to go for 50k-100k miles again.besides just because it all looks good now doesnt mean that 6months down the road that a clutch spring wont break,pressure plate finger wont bend,ect,ect....its not that much more for the whole kit where as later it will be the price of the kit+the labor all over again.Thats just my opinion.
I have a buddy now with a 04 mach on 14 pounds boost that got 65K from a stock clutch. Also a 01 Bullit with 110k of solid abuse, factory clutch still going strong. I would recommend taking it apart and looking. Are you doing the work or paying. THat makes the difference in whether or not to replace the clutch.
Well I just got the word, the dealer is going to take care of everything except the pressure plate and clutch disk. I have to pay 290 or so to get it all done but its worth it so I dont have to do any work and I get a new clutch