Timing Ajuster ????


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Jan 1, 2004
Timing Adjuster ????

I have a 2003 Centennial Edition GT. My current mods are original 40 series flowmasters mufflers, a mac off road h pipe, and a K&N air filter. 4.10 gears go in today. I hope that makes up for some of the low end torque loss!

I have heard that a timing adjuster will help low end torque. Is this a expensive mod? Also do you have to have the car tuned if you change the timing? Is the gain worth the $$$$$$ ? How involved is the install? How much do performance shops charge for the install? Any information is greatly appreciated.
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It's not too hard to install. You'll pay an hour labor to have a shop do it. You don't have to have the car tuned, but you will need to use higher octane fuel. IMO, the gain is worth the money. If you get one get the Steeda.
He probably got a programmer or tune...The TA is a great mod and a fairly easy and straight forward install. There have been some people though having issues with the crank bolt breaking off in the block. If you have a few tools and know your way around an engine you should be fine. If not it's about an hour of labor for install. The TA will allow you to adjust your timing in a matter of minutes simply by loosening a few allen head bolts. You can bump it up when going out to the track...of course you'll have to run a higher octane fuel to prevent detonation...and then pull it back down if you feel the need to save $$ on cost of premium fuel and run a lower octane. For the money it's one of the better mods....definite bump in the SOTP meter.
Yeah, from my experience, as far as bolt on's, the Timing Adjuster is the best bang for buck mod on the market. if you find the right time setting, most people see anywhere from 7-10 RWHP, 7-10RWTQ

I am selling mine as well because I got my ECU reflashed by Tim @ T&J, he bumped my timing up that way, so I just took my T/A off.
Dont T/A have problems with the car jerking at low RPMs, heard some people saying crap about that.Also This guy has a stage 2 Jet chip that was for his 00 GT, and now he has a trans am so he wants to sell it to me for $125.Is it worth the money and will it screw up my warrenty, or basically can they tell I hade it in if I remove it when I need something done to it.It also an run on 89 octain...what kind of gains can I expect, the owner said he went from a 14.6 to a 14.3 just with that and weld in flows.
Looking at your mods so far I think it would be a wise buy. Most people don't get a dyno tune until they are pretty much done w/ all the bolt on's...after next payday when I hope to get the headers installed I'll be going to get a tune and you'll find my TA and SpeedCal up for sale too!