Timing Belt replacement?


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May 30, 2001
Bel Air, Maryland
I have a 2001 V6 mustang. I want to drive this thing for as long as possible, and someone reccomended I get the timing belt changed, as I have ~90,000+ miles on it currently. What is the scheduled mileage to change this on 2001 model year V6 mustangs?

Thanks in advance. Any other advice on maintenance I should get done having such high mileage on the car? Thanks!
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Now that everyone has the smart-a** responses out of the way.... :rlaugh:

The timing chain generally lasts the life of the engine in normal use. (car manufacturers switched from chains to belts due to cost, weight, and the fact that overhead valve engines require less torque to drive the valvetrain)

If you're running a race engine with a radical cam and stronger springs, it might not hurt to throw a new chain on once in awhile. Otherwise, don't worry about it! :nice:
Damn, shortly after posting this I realized what I posted, and some other people corrected me but I forgot to edit the post.

Oh well, I'm a car retard really so I guess it is ok. Anyway, I am just talking about general preventative maintenance. It sounds as if 100k miles would be the longest I would want to go, so I guess I will wait for that and just get a tune-up then. Advice on what to do and when?

Thanks in advance! :)