Tire Recommendations


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Jul 2, 2007
It's soon time for new tires for my 95 GT. 245 45 17 is what is on it now and what I plan to stick with. It's a daily driver that does not see any track time. I only have minor bolt on's. Any suggestions for a good all season tire that is not going to cost a fortune?
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All season?

Continental Extreme Contact DWS. $121 apiece, higher rated on Tire Rack than the Eagle F1 (which is a summer only tire).

Have them on my wife's Buick. That car has a 300 hp Northstar V8 and those tires work pretty good in light snow and ice, and are super quiet on the freeway.

Obviously, there are sacrifices with an all season. Specifically, I think the sidewalls could be a bit stiffer, and they are less grippy than a summer compound, but for an all season tire I am more than happy and will be buying them again.
ive had great results with kumho ast tires.. grip well in all conditions.. even light snow (which we rarely see here in vegas) lol.. very comfy and quiet ride...:notnice: easy on the wallet too..