TIRES TIRES TIRES, which of these to get.

Overall im trying to decide which to get tomarrow for my fox. Yes believe it or not i have traction problems :) Keep in my this is only a weekend/car show driver. Its gonna be a 275/50/15 on some 15x8 weld draglites. Of these two tires which is better for traction and will last long, any personal experience is great. Im leaning toward the BFG because of the price.

1.) BFG Radial T/A ($99.88)

2.) BFG G-Force Drag Radial T/A ($136.88)
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I need NOS....make it 2 of the big ones
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Jul 26, 2000
Kingston, PA, USA
this is like compairing apples to watermellons.
the radials arent gonna hook that well but you will get 15k miles out of them. the ETs will hook great, but your gonna get like 5k miles out them....


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Jul 25, 2003
Springfield, MO
If you drag race the car very much, which I assume you would w/ a 466 Big Block, you really don't want to hook up 100% solid because you're gonna start breaking things. You want the tires to spin a little instead of tearing up your drivetrain. If you've got a strong tranny, torque box reinforcements, etc then it's a different story.


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Mar 10, 2004
I have had the BFG G force kdws's for about 20k miles now and they are just about spent. They hooked great when they were new and handled very well also especially for 95$ a tire. I put about 5-7 decent burnouts on them and a few doughnuts and the occasional tire spinning associated with driving a stang. I think they held up real well to have gotten 20k out of them on a stang. For the price you really cant beat a g force tire. However i would not expect to be cutting any impressive 60' times especially with ur power. I consistenly pulled high 2.1's and low 2.2's. good luck man


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Oct 7, 2003
is 275/50 the only tire size option? cause if it was me i would go with 275/60's its a taller tire which will help some traction issues also, definitly go with drag radials... unless you really like burnouts :D

also 275/60s look so mean they would match the car perfect, if you could clear them thats the way to go