TKO 600 problem

Just pulled my tranny out tonight it has been grinding into 2ed since i bought the car unless you shift it really slow below 4000rpms and wont go into reverse unless your sitting still with the clutch in for 5 seconds. Does anyone have any detailed input or know where i can find diagrams or step by step instructions to tearing it down and rebuilding it? i pulled the 2 covers off and decided that was as far as i was going tonight, didnt see any gear damage im just not familiar with tearing one apart i really dont want to mess anything up in it. im confident enough to do it just wish i had somthing to go by. Is this a common problem with it?
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Just in case anyone was wondering i got it all back together last week, Turns out it had a worn syncro and regular atf in it. Got a kit from and printed out the manual from and rebuilt it myself. Pretty easy i thought it would be harder