TKO500 Actual Torque Capacity?

A friend of mine is running a T5 that is rated at 265 ft-lbs and he has made a few passes down the track on slicks making 640+ ft-lbs at the tires. I know his tranny is on borrowed time but I've seen plenty of people run T5's at close to double their torque rating and they hold up well. I realize the TKO 500 is rated at 500 ft-lbs, but how much do you guys think it can hold?

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Well.... it's one of those things where it's hard to say because the same with the stock 302, guys have made over 600hp+ and the blocks survived, while other's broke with less than 400hp. The TKO is suposed to be able to take 500-600, but like anything else, it is breakable. I am sure a lot stronger than a T5.
T5's were rated at 260 or 265 until 90, then were rated at 300, the Cobra version was rated at 310, the T5Z was eithe 310 or 330. All are gonna last about the same it seems though.

You have to remember the rating on a transmission is over a long abuse cycle. Whats a T56 rated to? There is a Viper runnign 7.9's@183 with one, it's a G Force built one but I doubt they rate that trans to the 1500-1600 hp that car is making.