Which Tremec For My 351


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Sep 2, 2012
I did talk to they guy at Hanlon motorsports back in April of this year but a lot has happened since then and though I have the printout of estimates for what we talked about, I still want to ask you guys opinion on if I need a 500 or 600? Car will be a 351 with the proper crank to make it around a 400 W using a dart block. Just a nice weekend driving street car, non track. It appears from just looking up something that the TKO 500 and 600 are both capable of handling 600 ft lb torque and other than that only difference I notice from reading is the gear ration difference. Both are 5 spd trannies. I must also add that I'm using the fox setup that will allow me to not fight any fitment issues that the SN95 setup with the Astro would give me. Fox bellhousing, and some other parts he told me i would need. Also the fox swap headers.

Here is the link: https://shiftsst.com/tremec-transmis...NdxRoCV_bw_wcB
this is just something I googled and ofcourse not actually Hanlon's website. I will refresh myself there right now also.

Here is at Hanlon's site and clicked on TKO and it showed these 2, didn't show the 500 by it so......
On the printout the numbers he emailed me were TREMEC TKO 600 2.87 .64 FORD . That's why i google that number earlier and clicked on the above link for the other page. What's the differences in the .64 and .82 gearing as it would apply to me/how i drive?


I forgot to include in the original post about how notchy the tremec 3550 is in the 95 i bought. I researched the numbers on the tranny (MSK 11734) and it appears that's the one it is. Not sure how old the clutch is and everything else as i couldn't get in touch with the previous previous owner to ask questions.

Doing some research earlier this year it seems like a lot of guys didn't like the notchy feel and preferred the Astro T5 but the T5 won't hold up to the torque of a 351-up motor as I've heard. I definitely hope whatever i get will feel better overall than what's in there now. I adjusted the clutch cable also and it helped some but the pedal is still pretty stiff. That doesn't help with the feeling of the shifter either.

also there's an Energy suspension tranny mount on the car and would it be wise to just get another one when I do the build if that one seems intact even?
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