TPMS Hardware

So before I even realized the '07s came with TPMS, I sold my rims. Needless to say, they were long gone before I realized I should've grabbed all of the sensor goodies.

The dealership quoted me close to $500 to have them all replaced, but this was for the 17" rims, not the 20s I have now. I figure I can go that route and waste my money OR I can ebay a set of the sensors for $100 and add with them the bands from american muscle and be set back ~$175.

Question is... are these the only two pieces of hardware I need to properly get my sensors working again? Any additional hardware or pieces I'd be missing that I'd need to source to get these properly working again?
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I think so, depends on how complete the kit is. My friend got one of these universal sensor kits and it was complete with straps, mounting plated and adhesive tape so check out the kit you're buying. After all that is said and done you still need to take it to dealer to get sensors calibrated to your car.
Getting them recalibrated shouldn't be an issue once I have the sensors. ;) Does it have to be done at a dealership? Places like Discount Tire claim they can do it as well. Is this true? Even the $30 tool might be handy to have around too...

As far as completeness of the kit, there really won't be a kit. Just the bands and the big blue sensors. The mounting plates and tape are the items I was afraid I'd miss. Do I have a potential to get these with the items I order or will a dealership be able to supply them if I show up without?
Yes, if your Discount Tire has the tool, they can train them. So can you by purchasing the tool (didn't realize it was that cheap).

The bands from American Muscle come with the mounting brackets and tape. I used the same ones.
Much grass! Hopefully, I can get the msg center to quit nagging me now.

I could be wrong, but the $30 for the tool sticks on my head. I think it was a thread on here. Part #s were listed and it had something to do with an econoline van... I'll poke around and see if I can find it.
Here is the thread to that TPMS tool:

Also I pulled my sensors out from my stock 17" tires and just took them to Discount since they had to break my new 18" tires down anyways, and they had the bands and mounts for my sensors and only charged me $22 for the parts, which included the bands, TPMS mounts, double sided tape, etc... Just saying since it was cheaper then American Muscle parts, just something to look into.
Dooo, I did the same thing. Just sold my rims and tires. Do all 2007 models come with TPMS? I am getting 20's as well. Do the rims you are getting have to be able to accept these or do they just stick to the rim with hardware?

So I need the sensors and mounting hardware correct? Is it possible to just disable this instead of buying the sensors? I usually keep track of this pretty well, so not sure that I need it.
It is a 3 minute or less job :D

For under $20 I bought the tool. Great investment, since I want to keep the 2nd set of wheels for winter. Programing is no big deal and the display center even walks you through it.

Screw the dealers who wanted 1 hr labor charge for this, it is that kind of stuff that really makes me NEVER want to go back to them for anything...
So I need the sensors and mounting hardware correct? Is it possible to just disable this instead of buying the sensors? I usually keep track of this pretty well, so not sure that I need it.

Unfortunately, it's my understanding, that since it's federally mandated it can't be legally disabled. Not to say it can't be disabled, but not sure I've heard of an easy way short of messing with the wiring, ABS, computer, etc.

After I changed rims, I had my car into the dealership for service. They refused to return the car until it was fixed. Something about policy stating they couldn't let an illegal car return the road after it was in their shop. I told them I had the sensors on order and that I'd have it fixed soon. After a dirty look, they finally let me and car go. Of course this was after I made a scene about the 6 hour wait for an oil change...