Track Days in SO-Cal???

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They run three classes: yellow(newbie), blue(some experience), red(experienced). Mostly has to do with where you can pass.
Usually runs 5 half hour sessions through out the day. Each class rotating. r,b,y,r,b,y,r, lunch (included),b,y,r,b,y.....
The sooner you register, the cheaper it is.
Yes, I think you will have to hit Willow Springs as your closest track. If you go up to their site they have a listing of all the events and easy to find out who is hosting what. Many groups let anyone run and have different classes as well as instructors.

I got an email from opentrackracing that they have something coming up and were offering discounts for the events. LA Shelby Club is a good easy one to jump into, as well as one that I have done called alltimeracing which has only 35 cars and runs during the week.