Trans Popping out of Gear


Mar 31, 2005
Starting about a month ago my trans started popping out of first gear at takeoff.

It doesn't do it all the time but it does it enough to make me think something is seriously wrong and i have no idea why its doing it. At first i was thinking it might have been a blocker ring but then wouldnt it pop out all the time?

The transmission is a T5 with an old (non-billet) Hurst shifter.

Does anybody have any ideas, i'm really at a lose here as to whether i should just get a new trans or not.

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HoodStrype said:
The stop bolts on the hurst... had that happen a million times :)

I've adjusted them a couple times and just when i think its fixed it pops out of gear again.

I ordered a new shifter the other day, I'm hoping it helps because i really dont want to have to buy a new trans right now.
To properly adjust the stops:

Remove all of the shifter trim parts
Back out the stops from the current spots (almost all the way)
Move the shifter to first gear
Don't press hard, just slide it into first gear
Adjust the stop so that it is just off the shifter handle
Then repeat the process for the bottom stop (2nd gear)

It helps to use a jam nut to hold the stops in place, if you don't have one already.

If you still pop out of gear after that, your transmission could be subject.