Transmission is Dead

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Thats crappy. However there's always an upside for when u get your tranny rebuilt with a new PI 3000 Stall converter, Shift kit, Rebuild kit, Mid Shaft, Mechanical Diode, Deeper Tranny Pan, and External Tranny Cooler. Then you can say hello to Oooomph!
Well maybe you wont put all that in, but it sure would be cool if u did.:)
No, there is NO good side to the tranny going out. I am 16, work for 6.00 an hour, pay insurance, gas, etc. Just got 2 points on my license because apparently they won't let you go to the school anymore to get them off. Now I will pay crazy for insurance. Also, still owe money on the car.

In conclusion, I AM BROKE.
Well, I do not know what your budget is, I guess not much but you can probably get an aode / 4r70w off ebay for like as much as 900 for new one or i've seen them go for like 400 or around that for a used rebuilt one (of course luck is a factor). Just type in aode in ebay search and youll get plenty of transmissions. Sorry to hear about the tranny going, ***** happens
Whoops ...posted this under my bros insted of my own..... Kevin R.......

Anyway.... Took car in today to the tranny shop and they told me worst case for complete rebuild should be 1600.00 total. Maybe it won't need that much and will know more when teardown is complete. They rebuild their own trannies there with 1yr quarantee and should know exactly whats wrong by tomorrow or monday and how much. Shop said when third goes, reverse will soon go out also if you keep on driving and was good that it only had a few miles since the problem started.

Will know more soon....
If you don't have any money I would find a cheap C4 that is in good condition. And over time maybe you could rebuilt the AODE. I have seen used C4s go from $100 to $300. I am going to buy one for $100 and built the **** out on it so when my AODE takes a dump and will have a back up.

Rebuild kits on eBay are inexspensive. If you know someone who could help you rebuild it you will learn how to do it again when this happens or make some $$ when it happens to someone you know in your situation.