Transmission Problems, Moved over From Talk.


Mar 26, 2009
Metro Detro
:flag:Hey guys, as i mentioned in the other threads on here i just took my mustang out of storage and drove it for a few miles around town. I am having transmission issues and i actually had forgoten how bad they were.

here are the symptoms:

1.When driving normal car will shift thru all the gears no problem, however its is hard to put in because it doesnt wanna go willingly.

2.When getting on it the car will grind through every gear

3.When going in reverse up my driveway it makes a humming sound and smells like burned clutch 9 houses down from mine.

The Clutch is about 8k miles old and is a SPEC stage 1 clutch, the flywheel was also resurfaced at this time.

I was not the one that did this work however, the previous owner did it about 3 years ago.

The car shifted fine for a long time even when getting on it till i let my idiot friend drive it who thought it was ok to go from 4th gear at 50 mph to 2nd gear and punch it. :nono:( im still slapping myself for that one)

So all insults and advice are welcome. Thank You all and have a wonderful day.:flag:

sorry i know i posted this in talk a couple of days ago, so i thought id repost it here maybe we can get some ideas. thank you
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Ok i have a little update, i had the mechanic take a look at the stang today and im going to go ahead and buy a new oem ford racing clutch kit and flywheel just because the transmission is going to be apart. He told me the grinding is coming because of worn out "blocker rings" and that i dont have to replace the whole synchronizer, just the blocker rings in the synchros. Any idea what hes talking about and how much they cost, ive never heard of this part, but then again i know nothing about transmission components. Oh and i was just thinking, do i have a hydraulic clutch?
I wish it was just the clutch, but im just going by what the mechanic told me that if its grinding its a little more complicated than the clutch, i think im going to have some transmission specialists take a look at it and take it for a test drive.