Drivetrain trickflow Stage 3 camshaft 347 stroker. also too much gear????

hey yall thanks for having me. i currently have a 1986 hatchback running a 347 stroker. the cam that is in it is weak as balls its an old magum (35-440-8) and i am putting in a TFS stage 3 cam. i have 175cc heads from performance world (heard its a canada thing) and a 650 edelbrock carb. has anyone used the stage 3 in a 347 stroker? does it make power to 6500rpm? does it make it above 6500? is my tko 600 and 3.73 gears and 28 inch tall drag slicks too much gear? i made 330whp on a proper dyno (our climate and altitude is so bad here thats why its such a low number - welcome to the mountains) she hooks and books as is on the street - can look up my instagram (fuxbodyford) for dyno results and some :poo:ty racing if yall are into that.

to summarize - do i have way too much gear in this bitch AND how does that TFS stage 3 cam run in a 347 stroker? rpm range is a big concern of mine because i DO NOT wanna spin past 6500rpm and do not wanna break 400whp (probs wont be an issue welcome to the mountains)
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