1. opihinalu

    Brakes Bent threads on brake bleeder screw?

    I am trying to change out my brake bleeder screw because I stripped the old one and I pull it out and I find this: It is completely bent??? The one one the right is the new one I got but unfortunately the wrong size… This isn’t normal, right? Why would this happen?
  2. opihinalu

    Brakes Bleeding the brakes

    I installed an adjustable proportioning valve and now I need to bleed the brakes. Do I need to jack up all 4 sides of the car to do this? I can’t locate the bleeder valve on the rear drums so I feel like I really have to get under and behind them for it to work.
  3. opihinalu

    Exhaust How to get lower exhaust flange nut on?

    I am trying to mount my x pipe onto my new headers and the passenger side lower stud is giving me trouble. I just can’t get it in the hole and when I do it is just the tip where there are no threads. here’s a pic of what I am talking about: Also what is this supposed to connect to?
  4. opihinalu

    Electrical What is this connector?

    What is this connector? It is on the drivers side right next to my power steering filler. It goes into a wiring harness. Also you might be able to see in the first picture, why is power steering fluid on top of the cap? This car has not been run in over 6 months. Is it leaking out somehow?
  5. opihinalu

    Paint and Body A lot of rust behind the front driver-side wheel but none on the passenger side.

    I have noticed quite a bit of rust behind the wheel on the front driver-side but there is barely any on the passenger side? What could cause this? also, what other places should I look for rust?
  6. opihinalu

    Brakes Proportioning valve internals not pulling out?

    I am currently trying to gut my proportioning valve and install an adjustable one and after I have finally gotten off the leaking bolt I am faced with this. I assumed when gutting, the internals would just pull out but this is stuck. I have pulled as hard as I can but to no avail. Any suggestions?
  7. A

    1986 cowl leak what to do??

    I bought a 1986 GT a couple of months ago, after pulling the carpet to replace it I found some holes in the floor pan and took the car to a metal shop to have them patched. Turns out those holes were caused by water leaking into the floor from under the dash, I quickly realized that the cowl...
  8. 1

    2g alternator issues during idle.

    Just recently replaced my 1989 lx 5.0 alternator with a new 75 Amp 2g alternator. Had to crimp in the white wire and two black with range striped wires to the vehicles harness. I've noticed while idling the battery stays around 12v. When accelerating the voltage goes up as if the alternator...
  9. Z


    Hey everyone, I have an 89 GT. When I have it idling with the clutch out (pedal not pushed in) it will always rev up to like 3000 and stay however when it idles with the clutch pushed in it idles fine. I know the mods don’t have anything to do with it because it was doing this last year before I...
  10. M

    83 5.0 swap

    I’m currently swapping a v6 mustang to a 5.0. I’m looking at buying a full parts car to rip apart rather than buying piece by piece and found a 78 in good shape. Wondering if everything from that gen swaps over to the fox or not?
  11. M

    SN95 suspension

    I just bought an '87 lx and it's pretty beat i was wondering what all it takes to put an sn95 suspension setup in it, is it worth it? I've heard it can give you a wider track width, if so, how much wider? and how available are parts? im looking to upgrade to a 3.55 diff ratio, can anyone help me?
  12. opihinalu

    Interior and Upholstery AC Clutch removal and install questions

    I am removing and installing a new ac compressor clutch and I have run into a block. I unbolted the first bolt and pulled out some washer/spacer thing in there. I rented this ac clutch puller kit from autozone and I don’t know how to use it. I’m not really finding any videos online to help me...
  13. opihinalu

    Is this oil in my radiator?

    Car overheated yesterday and I opened up the radiator a few minutes ago and found brown sludge. Is this oil? If so whats wrong? Cracked head gasket?
  14. 9

    Electrical Reversed Battery Current Momentarily

    My saga began a year ago, I finished up replacing the intake gaskets on my 92' fox 5.0 and jumped with friends car, unknowingly reversed cables. Noticed smoke coming from the coil/ driver's side area. Seconds later, pulled the cables off. Had to replace fried coil but eventually ran not so...
  15. TorchRed_4.0

    Scratched Up Piston

    Finally pulled the heads off to address my oil burning issue and piston #8 looks like this. Need a new piston or can this one be fixed?
  16. opihinalu

    Proportioning valve leaking, of course.

    My brake fluid has been leaking for a while now but has just recently got much worse. It used to be a slow leak and I had to fill up on fluid every 2 months or so, but 2 days ago I filled the fluid up and it is already completely empty after about 2 hours of driving. I looked for the leak and I...
  17. opihinalu

    Where do I find rubber control arm bushings??

    I've been looking everywhere and I can't find a set of rubber control arm bushings? All I can find is polyurethane...? I got MM's heavy duty rear lower control arms with one urethane and one spherical bushing but I want to put rubber bushings everywhere else to make it a more comfortable ride...
  18. opihinalu

    Bilsteins for an 86 GT?

    I'm looking for parts to do a full suspension rebuild and I've seen a lot of posts praising Bilsteins for having very good quality, however they only advertise them for 1987-1993 mustangs. Do these not fit on an 1986? Did the suspension change from 1986 to 1987?
  19. opihinalu

    Suspension rebuild parts recommendations for a street car?

    I am planning on doing a rear and front suspension rebuild on my 1986 GT. The suspension is SUPER stiff, I mean going over speed bumps I have to pretty much come to a stop because any other speed would be uncomfortable. The rear squeaks and thumps quite a bit and I am pretty sure my upper...
  20. opihinalu

    How do I wire from underneath the car into the cabin?

    I need to get a wire from underneath the car into the cabin. Any ideas on how to do this?