1. 8

    Electric fan problem

    So I tried installing an sve dual electric fan myself, mind you I’ve never done any wiring on a car before, and I think I may have shorted it out but idk. The car won’t crank at all. I ordered a 130 amp alternator as well which I probably should’ve put in first but I wasn’t thinking so yeah...
  2. 8

    Coolant leak

    So I recently got an 87 gt and I just installed an a/c delete kit on it that I purchased from LMR and I drove the car after installation to see how it ran and got home and there was a huge coolant leak and it was overheating. Wondering if anybody has any suggestions to what it might be, looks...
  3. spiegs

    throttle cable removal and install

    sup guys, im replacing my throttle cable on my 93 5 speed. i understand unbolting everything in the engine bay and then the little plastic piece that fits into the top of the pedal arm. im assuming i manuever my way in there and pop it up and out with a screwdriver? how to i press the new one...
  4. White85fox

    New from Idaho

    1985 mustang gt owner from Idaho, just joining the stangnet fam. This is my second fox and right now it is bone stock ready for goodies this summer.
  5. S

    Old Foxbody owner looking to own again.

    Hi Everyone, :coff: My name is Paul and I live in Reno, NV. I used to own an 89 GT Hatchback in the 90's when I was in my 20's and then got married at 25 and had to sell her due to moving to San Diego and the stricter smog policies. She was slightly modified without cats and that was around...
  6. K

    What's it Worth? 87 Fox GT

    Hi All, Getting ready to sell my 87 GT convertible. It needs some work but the body is pretty straight and not rusty. No motor, trans, needs a new dash wiring harness. Seats need to be reupholstered Top looks good Comes with all the dash, interior parts, most of the engine components (PS pump...
  7. T

    Exhaust Replacing cats with O/R x pipe and need a tuner

    I’m replacing my cats with an off road x pipe. My question is what type of tuner do I need to keep my CEL off when I remove my o2 sensors? Thanks
  8. T

    Aod transmission issues

    Alright so I just swapped in an aod transmission into my foxbody. I currently have it all setup from my last aod with a lokar kickdown kit. I had the pressure for the cable set but it seems to be getting tied up. Car shifts fine but when you launch the car the car won’t shift. When installing...
  9. T

    Aod shifter linkage

    Just installed a new AOD transmission in my car and I was having trouble with the shifter on the transmission being in the down position it was previously in the up position on the last transmission and now with my kick down cable from lokar I think it it is interfering with this cable. And now...
  10. T

    Drivetrain Is it worth it to rebuild an aod transmission or get something else?

    Is it worth it to rebuild an aod transmission or get something else? Transmission started slipping bad so I was wondering if I should stay with the aod or go to something else.
  11. T

    Engine Foxbody idling surging and stalling

    Hello, I have a 89' foxbody and I recently took apart the upper manifold and cleaned all ports, put it back together and it idled in the 1,500s without coming down for 30 seconds. I went ahead put a new IAC and TPS, and adjusted the idle down to 800 RPMs. The car didn't run good after any of...
  12. K

    Engine 89 mustang lx 2.3 Starting problems

    Hey I’m new here and just got my second foxbody I found a clean one with low miles and I’m the second owner I bought it knowing it didn’t start and I thought I would a easy and simple fix (might still be) The person I got it from said a fuel line was broken and that’s why it did not run So I...
  13. F

    Rancho GT-III, Foxbody Mustang Swaybar Parts

    Hi there, I’m new here. Can anyone identify these sway bars? I got them with my 1985 GT that I’ve had for years. They were supposed to be aftermarket sway bars for the fox body. There are no spherical end link connections on the ends, and that bar is 1.25”. The other one with the brackets...
  14. 5


    I drive an '89 Mustang GT automatic I got in a front end collision last year and the damage went all the way to the fan, completely dented the radiator support. I replaced all necessary parts, fan radiator, ac condenser, welded front end back on and put in a new front bumper and hood. The car...
  15. T

    Heater Core fix

    I have heard several people say in different places its possible to replace the heater core without pulling the dash through the glove compartment. Has anyone done this or can think of a way it would be possible? I was thinking of cuting the box of where you can see it in the dash. Any advice?
  16. I

    1988 Mustang possible transmission shuddle?

    Hey guys, new to the forums. Not too long ago, my car began to buckle under deceleration. 1988 mustang gt AOD. Seems like if I let it coast under 30 to 35, it starts to buckle. At first, i thought it might have been a bad motor mount that was broken and making the engine rock around upon...
  17. beyondEOD


    Used Moates QuarterHorse, works perfectly. Comes with remote USB terminal and regular usb tuning cable. Works on 2004 and older Ford EEC computers. $190 shipped lower 48. Highland, Indiana
  18. 1989LXFOX

    Engine 2G Alternator Install Wiring Help

    Hello all, I hope this post you and your family safe and healthy! Since we are all most likely stuck at home I had a question for an issue that has been bugging me. I looked elsewhere and cant find any information whatsoever to help. So here we go... I purchased this alternator...
  19. K

    Electrical Can someone tell me what these connector is for on 91lx ecu harness

    Im missing a connector behind my dashboard harness that goes to my ecu of the 3 rite by the ecu connector and kinda wana know what it's for
  20. Q

    Foxbody 5.4 4V Build Thread

    Hey everyone, this is going to be my build thread that anyone can reference in the future because I know this swap is scarcely documented. If anyone has any questions go ahead and ask away I've basically planned this build for a few months. A little about the foxbody (1984 Ford Mustang GT...