1. A

    Foxbody new edge swap help

    Looking for some guidance on my fox build cobra swap. The heater box and dash vent are pretty far off. I can lower the dash with some modifications but then the center console won't align up. I can make spacers to make up the gap no issue. Just it being so far off wont help any ideas on what...
  2. C

    Electrical Ignition cylinder lock drill out

    I just recently purchased my 84 mustang with 87 front clip and the previous owner had lost the keys and had drilled out the ignition lock cylinder. Not sure if he drilled it in the wrong spot or not but I cannot get the dang thing out. The pin lock on the side of the cylinder has been drilled...
  3. F

    Interior Restore Question

    Hi, I have the 89w/ GT3 body, I need to replace one of my armrests. My interior trim code says "DA", which I read a D for cloth/vinyl seats, and A for Titanium - but the only '89 arm rests I can find are the "smoke gray" color - which looks correct, but it's a different color code than the...
  4. opihinalu

    Running s550 eco boost wheels over ATS brembos

    Hey all. I have been running s550 wheels that I think come stock on an eco boost and I am doing the Cadillac ATS brake upgrade. Does anyone have any experience running these rims or something similar with the big brakes? Do they fit...
  5. opihinalu

    Brakes Is my caliper piston moving enough?

    Hey all. I am currently trying to get my caliper back on after a suspension overhaul. It looks retracted, though it the pads are still rubbing on the rotor. When I press the brakes, it moves very little. Is this normal? Am I being an idiot and missing something obvious? My car is an 86 5.0 AOD...
  6. opihinalu

    Brakes 5 lug disc conversion

    Hey all. I am in the middle of a suspension refresh and I feel like now would be a good time to put discs on the rear as well. There is a guy near me selling a 5 lug disc 4.10 rear end. Besides that, what kind of parts do I need? Also I have read that you need a new master cylinder, why is that?
  7. L

    Fox body 2.3 power steering delete

    So I have a 1993 Ford Mustang 2.3L coupe and I just swapped over to a Manuel rack. Does anyone know where I can snag a idler pulley or a belt diagram so I can delete the pump it’s self ?
  8. S

    Engine Sluggish 302HO

    Hello all, I have an 88 Fox mustang GT with 302 roller motor. Has about 180psi of compression in all 8 cylinders. I was sick of the old efi so I carb swapped it. I put an Edelbrock rpm air gap intake, redone E7 heads, stiffer comp cam valve springs, a b303 cam, roller tip 1.6 rockers, and a...
  9. 0

    Will foxbody tailpipes fit a new edge?

    I recently went to have some exhaust work done to my 03 Mach 1 but the shop couldn’t bend 3inch piping for my tail pipes. And I’ve been having a hard time finding only tail pipes for new edges (I have a 3 inch x pipe with dumped magnapacks) I do not need a whole cat back only tail pipes. Does...
  10. L

    Fox Rearend SN95 swap with 10 wide wheels

    Hello, I have a 87 T-top and it currently has 4 lug drums in the rearend. I purchased a sn95 rearend from a 1994 gt to do full disc brake swap I know sn95 axels are 3/4 of an inch longer. I want to make SVE series 3 Rims Fit on my foxbody. I know there was many threads on this but I’m not sure...
  11. mattys91gt

    Forced Induction 83 gt hood scoop

    so I got a 83 or 86 hood scoop and it was facing backwards on the hood so I bought it and made a template so I could figure out where to put it and cut a hole out around the hood brace has anyone done this before would love tips on this
  12. V

    Brakes 1985 Mustang Front Cobra Brake Conversion

    Hey everyone. I have a 1985 notchback. Previous owner swapped brakes from a 1992 5.0 onto this and now I’m doing a 5 lug cobra conversion. I’ve done the fronts and then had to take the car to a shop for some work. By the time I get it back I don’t think I’ll have enough time to do the rears...
  13. A

    351w svo block

    Hey guys wanting to know if any one has any info on this svo block. I have a full rotating assembly for a 351w with c mains to make a 408. This block is going for 1k. Says it's all stock bore. I read something about some of these being dry sump, that would steer me away if so. My pistons are...
  14. R

    For Sale 87-93 foxbody Gt Bumper (illinois)

    Hello I'm trying to sell my gt bumper I decided to go a different route for my car it fit perfectly onto my 93 great shape asking 250 for it I'm in central Illinois Text 2x1mv7fbfk8ndj2jfj0jfnf6dhf2j2jfj9 if you have any questions thanks!
  15. B

    For Sale Fox body Go Carts

    I have 2 of these dealer promo fox body mustangs for sale. Came with a 3hp brigg but have been swapped to a 6.5 hp 208 cc briggs. Both run and drive. I haven't seen any like this except a pacecar on the forum in 2009. Entertaining any reasonable offers, never seen another so not sure of the...
  16. zackmatias


  17. opihinalu

    Engine First start after 8 months, smoking in the engine bay.

    I started my foxbody today for the first time in 8 months after I replaced the radiator, added an electric fan, thermostat, hoses, water pump, AC clutch, brake proportioning valve, air intake, transmission cooler, and serpentine belt. It started smoking around the area near the battery and the...
  18. opihinalu

    Engine After 8+ months of sitting and no crank

    I recently went down my list and fixed almost everything that needed attention on my 86. I replaced the radiator, added an electric fan, thermostat, hoses, water pump, AC clutch, brake proportioning valve, air intake, transmission cooler, and serpentine belt. I went to start it today and it...
  19. opihinalu

    Brakes Bent threads on brake bleeder screw?

    I am trying to change out my brake bleeder screw because I stripped the old one and I pull it out and I find this: It is completely bent??? The one one the right is the new one I got but unfortunately the wrong size… This isn’t normal, right? Why would this happen?
  20. opihinalu

    Brakes Bleeding the brakes

    I installed an adjustable proportioning valve and now I need to bleed the brakes. Do I need to jack up all 4 sides of the car to do this? I can’t locate the bleeder valve on the rear drums so I feel like I really have to get under and behind them for it to work.