1. F

    Engine Push Rods and guide plates

    I'm currently rebuilding the bottom end of my 1990 302 fox that is carbd i'm having to because I got a knocking sound from the d.s, anyways i thought while the engine is out why not replace the cam while the engine is out because i know i am to lazy to ever want to pull the engine again down the...
  2. G

    Drivetrain trickflow Stage 3 camshaft 347 stroker. also too much gear????

    hey yall thanks for having me. i currently have a 1986 hatchback running a 347 stroker. the cam that is in it is weak as balls its an old magum (35-440-8) and i am putting in a TFS stage 3 cam. i have 175cc heads from performance world (heard its a canada thing) and a 650 edelbrock carb. has...
  3. T

    Engine 1992 5.0 Died while running, crank no start, Tach Jumping

    Wondering if someone can help. My 1992 5.0 5 speed died while on a drive home the other night. It cranks but wont start. Couple things to note- (not the battery) - OBD1 is showing code 95, 11, 10. - There is fuel at the valve that sprays out when pressed. - Tried checking for spark, didn't get...
  4. 5

    What's it Worth? 1990 Notchback 5.0

    I'm thinking of selling my 90 notchback but really have no idea on what a good starting price would be. I see pristine originals, insane builds or junk but mine is neither. I hope not junk lol. I think the car is good for someone looking for a cruiser as-is and is not concerned about all...
  5. J

    No Spark from Coil to Distributor

    Recently got a 1984 5.0L, M VIN. 79,000 miles. Edelbrock Carb, mild cam. No spark from coil to distributor. So far I’ve replaced (in order): battery, ignition control module, ignition coil, & ignition pickup/stator. Confirmed 12v to the ignition coil and that all spark plug wires are...
  6. C

    AOD wont go into park

    need some help with my 1990 foxbody with a freshly rebuilt AOD, after it was rebuilt i decided to also put a b&m hammer shifter in it from the start it was a pain to deal with i had ordered a new cable to go along with it because i figured why not have a new cable on a new shifter to start out...
  7. Jonatan Issa

    Don’t start

    Well, my car don’t want to start if you give it gas rev but then dies. 2 days ago was driving normally It have new coil,spark plug, cleaned MAF,fuel pump. Give code 18,31
  8. Jonatan Issa

    Hesitates at wot

    My 1993 fox sometimes it hesitates and you can hear like a pop sound on the back when you floor it. The car is completely stock like 2 weeks ago bought a 255 fuel pump Codes: 81,82,84
  9. Jonatan Issa

    Bogging at 3k rpm

    Have 93 fox with new spark plugs,new coil, cleaned maf,new air filter. The car cruising run good but at wot the car bog and hesitate exactly at 3k rpm, sometimes even don’t respond to throttle and die but turn it on and runs. Today it give code 11,63,33.
  10. 8

    HELP, removing Freeze plugs

    How to remove the freeze plugs behind the timing chain, they are 3 small ones, i dont want to push them in and not be able to get them out. Can anyone help me out?
  11. Jonatan Issa

    Don’t pass 3k rpm

    Hello guys!! I have a Mustang 1993 the car is full stock. Lately when you are full at throttle the car don’t pass 3k rpm and loose power like it don’t have fuel. When you are cruising the car runs perfect, is a AOD btw. If need more information feel free to ask My first language isn’t English...
  12. Jonatan Issa

    Cluster lights

    Hello guys! I have a 1993 fox and the lights of the cluster I thinks is called warning lights don’t come out. Only check engine,low coolant and battery light come out In one of the photos is a connector that I don’t know what it do Sorry for my bad English
  13. C

    1990 Foxbody emissions in California

    Need a question answered quickly! I am wanting to purchase a 1990 Foxbody Mustang 5.0 out of state and have it shipped to California. I have never done this before and am wondering if there are some unforeseen issues with doing this? Will a stock 1990 Foxbody Mustang 5.0 pass California...
  14. T

    Fox Strut tower issue

    Hello, I’m curious what you guys think should be done. Cut up strut tower, what’s the next move? Easy weld or new assembly?
  15. D

    Engine 89 Fox new coil and TFI started and died now won’t restart

    Hi guys, I’m new to foxbodys and this platform. I have an 89 LX 5.0 5-speed. Not much history on the car but what I do know is: Cam and lifters done(no specifics) BbK headers and cutback exhaust Upgraded alternator Problem is I was driving car would cut out half a second 2-3 times on my 30...
  16. Jonatan Issa

    Window don’t go up

    Hello! Can anyone help me, my driver window was not going down for weeks and today it go down but don’t want to go up. Anyone can say to me how to clean the contacts?
  17. M

    For Sale Garaged 1987 Foxbody V8 GT 5.0 Convertible, Automatic, white and silver paint with white leather interior $17,000 obo

    For sale: a garaged 1987 Foxbody V8 GT 5.0 Convertible with 3-Speed Automatic transmission, White and silver paint with white leather interior 101,500 Miles. The car is in Chicago, IL and I’m asking $17,000 I’m selling my 1987 Foxbody GT 5.0 Convertible. My dad bought her from a friend and...
  18. Mhalc1

    Suspension What Control Arms Are These?

    Hello Foxbody friends.... I recently came up on some control arms for the low... I went ahead and got them thinking I could get some new bushings for them and swap them in... I figured they couldn't be worse than my stock RLCA's with worn bushings. There is no visible part number or logo that I...
  19. D

    5.0 swap 88 into 93

    I have a 93 2.3 manual and currently have the opportunity to pick up a good running donor car that is an 88 5.0 manual, but it has no title. Being new to this I’ve been looking everywhere for an answer to my question. I know the engine harness will have to be used but since the two years are...
  20. F

    What’s this wheel set up on Foxbody?

    I’m looking for a new wheel set up for a 93 notchback. I came across this one and really like it. For the guys that know wheels and tires. What size wheel/tire with backspacing does this look like? Thanks I’m advance!