True Forged Rims!!!


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Finally got these suckers on. True Forged Victories. Chrome Lip, Brushed Centers. I have a custom center cap with red accents on order. They are 20x11/9.5. Fronts are Nitto 555 275/35 and rear are 555R's 305/35. Will be lowering the rear only in a bit (about 3/4"). The gap in the photos look worse than it really is. Fronts are about 28.5# and rears are about 27# each.

TrueForged01_zpsd2c6331f.jpg TrueForged02_zpsc063f7c7.jpg TrueForged03_zpsea4f9052.jpg TrueForged04_zps1be44e3b.jpg TrueForged05_zps23eb1adc.jpg TrueForged06_zps9bb9d8f9.jpg TrueForged07_zps4e7c0b9e.jpg TrueForged08_zps11811e13.jpg TrueForged09_zps79480ecf.jpg TrueForged10_zpsc9861f77.jpg TrueForged11_zps5f5d07d3.jpg TrueForged12_zps9c71dfb3.jpg TrueForged13_zps558fde85.jpg TrueForged14_zps3abb1aad.jpg TrueForged15_zps5b8e6462.jpg
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