trunk pics with s -281 wing


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Nov 19, 2001
hey guys here are the pic of my shaved trunk lid and wing that a couple of you have been waiting for
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here is a shot of the under side in case you guys forgot what it looked like yeah he was right that is my 3rd brake light paul had taken these pics a while back so i could post them then he lost them for awhile i have a lighted plate ring on there now because we got rid of the stock lights too it's just not on for these pics
1105 said:
looks nice. They did a great job on it, but the back of your car is a little too naked for me. Everything flows too well now :lol:

oh that won't last it will be covered in more paint probably over the winter that should change the flow .

and about how it was mounted we used 2 part epoxy like they use to put on body kits then filed the seam with filler . you can see that on the first pic that gives it that smooth one piece look . we still used the 2 bolts in the front holes then welded over them on the bottom. it's alot more work but i think it's worth it. :nice: