trunk setups


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Dec 30, 2001
St pete, Florida
Well im getting ready to nuy a nitrous kit......and will probbly relocate the battery to the trunk as well and would like to....i guess "enclose" the walls of the trunk to make it smooth looking and carpeted. So lets see some custom trunk pics....and of course how you did it :banana:
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First I did the sides that are in two pieces. I attached one fiece of 1/4" plywood to the wheelhouse "lip" with self drilling screws. The other piece,closer to the rear light housing I used a 1"x3"x8" piece of wood attached to the trunk dropoff from under the car by the gas tank. I had it stick up inside the trunk so I had something to attach my plywood to. I did this to both sides. I then glued on one solid piece of carpet to hide all plywood joints. This had to be done after the plywood has secured in place.

The floor was in 3 pieces as one piece wouldn't fit and two pieces posed a problem (I do not remember the problem) Anyway, I was able to cut around all corners to fit. I again used 1"x3" pieces at the underside of the 3/8" thick plywood at the floor (there was a gap between the new plywood floor and the gas tank). I did it at the plywood butt joints and under non-jointed areas for support. To hold the 1x3 in place, I stuck my hand under the plywood and 1x3 to support then from the interior of the car by removing the back seat and drilling through the plywood and 1x3 with my other hand. It was tough as I made very precise cuts for the flooring and it was tight. I screwd nothing into the metal of the car (except the inner wheel lip) and everything was held in place by tight tolerences. The final piece of wood runs along the back of the trunk area which is still visible and shows the plywood joints and the 1x3 holding it down in place. I did this to hide the carpet perimeter and to have somthing to secure to when I do the back piece (trunk divider) Once the plywood is down and secure, simply glue or staple the carpet in place (I glued so no staples were visible. I have yet to totally finish. I did not take progress pics because it something you forget about until the end :(

If you have anything further to ask, feel free.

All you need is (1) 2' x 4' x 1/4" plywood to do both sides and (2) 2' x 4' 3/8" (or thicker if you want) for the floor. Maybe 8 - 10' worth of 1" x 3". I little trick I have yet to mention is the 1 x 3 is not super sturdy. I had some extra oak hardwood flooring I used under the floor plywood. It is definitely stronger and won't allow the plywood to bounce much. Used good 'ol sheetrock screws to go thru plywood to 1x3