tuning advice


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Mar 19, 2010
camby, in
i have a 94 mustang gt with a 331 stroker block. i have a .574 .595 cam with trick flow heads and intake, 75 mm throttle body, 30# injectors, and an msd 6al box. i actually have a couple questions. What would you recommend i set the base timing advance, what kind of plugs and wires should i run, what kind of fuel pressure should i run, and why does my car eat msd blaster coils? my car has lots of power but i feel like it is missing some power, maybe has a miss, and seems to hesitate. also, ever since i put the 331 block in, i have a terrible vibration at about 5000 rpm, seems like a misfire. i know i need a professional dyno tune, but any advice until then would be great
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