Tuning edlebrock 600


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May 1, 2002
Granada Hills, California
I just bought the carb calibration kit for the edelbrock 1406, 600 cfm carb today. I was wondering whats the best way to go about using it to set my carb right... if you have followed my threads you may recall I have a ping problem that seems to be linked to either total timing or running too lean up top. Simple timing adjustments and fuel mixture changes have yielded no help, so its either total timing or jetting (and 91 octane and the other little things didn't help either).

The set came with metering jets, metering rods, and metering rod springs.. what should I look at changing? The kit came with little in terms of directions, so i dont' really know what I'm doing here. I can give specifics on the dimensions of each option if its desired.

I also would like to know whats a good starting position for the mixture screw (ie... screw it all the way in, and then unscrew it x number of times or something of that sort) so I have a good starting point when I do my fuel air mixture tuning.
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I think the instructions that came with my rebuild kit said to lightly seat the screws, and then back them out two full turns to start. Then refer to section 2 "Revising the calibration" on the site listed by XStang302x.
You might do a search on the forum for tuning. I posted a few times on a thread trying to help a guy out with his carb. here is a link to it. http://forums.stangnet.com/showthread.php?t=433700&highlight=tuning
The link xstang302x posted is cool. It should help you get a handle on how the carb operates. I have been fooling with these type carbs for years and would be glad to try and answer any further questions that you might have.
Just got mine on last night....wooo! How nice! Still have to do some fine tuning to it, just gave it a fast a/f adjust during my lunch break. Upper end is much better (real rich out of the box), but have a slight hesitation now when i hit the gas now. Just have to play with it when I have plenty of time.