Turbo fabrication is a GO !!


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Dec 1, 2003
San Diego
Well, the money is there, and the car is coming to my shop where I work hopefully this weekend. Then come the parts. Then come the headaches all over again !!:D Hopefully I've learned enough the first time to save myself a few of them.
See heres the plan so far. Headers, crossover with flex tube.Turbo and wastegate. All plumbed together with thick 16g aluminized steel (mandrel of course). The DP with be 3in mandrel, and run to just under the foot of the floorpan. Would like to plumb the wastegate into the Dp, but not sure yet. The kit will come with a BOV which I will weld the flange to the cold side. I'd like to make a complete kit. But there are too many variables with carbs, intakes and spacers. So I want to weld the flange to a 2ft pipe. Send it with a carb hat, and silicone hose. Then from there all you have to do it clock the turbo(easy), and fit the piping to the hat. Oh yeah, it will come with a GOOD carb hat gasket that has held so far no problem to 32psi.

Further break down.
Master power T61-2(probably) or a MP T-70 depending on how crazy you want to get.
.81 housing will be standard, .96 will be an option, as well as a .68 for pure street car (also a little cheaper).

BOV and wastegate will be Tial 50mm and 38 mm respectively

V-bands and flex pipe will be stainless steel.

This is where most of the cost comes. Plus the 200 carb hat, and all the pricey mandrel bends.

Jet hot coating is always an option, but to keep costs down, not the standard. Until I can do it myself cheap anyways.

Depending on final costs of the parts I get, is 2400-2600 sounding pretty good ?
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I wondered why you didn't put one in. I Wanted one to make the crossover easier to install and it does help. It doesn't seem to as important on your small one though.
How many have you seen fail,Vs. how many crossovers crack without one ?
no matter what anyone says, the cracking isn't caused by lack of flex pipe. it's because of bad welds, or (imo) no turbo support. the headers have to support the turbo and down pipe. that adds up.
i can understand your situation, though. a flex pipe gives you some 'play' to help line up everthing easier.
it's been covered a few time at tm.com, the flex frays inside and clogs.
It would end up being around 4200 for me as I would have to buy new heads....but I'm definatly interested!!!

But you already knew that!

Also what kind of mods will have to be done to the car itself?

Also, also lol, is that flex tubing instead of the silicone tubing?
302 coupe said:
think of flex tubing as braided stainless exhaust pipe, it is used on the hot side. The silicon tubing/hose is used on the cold side, usually just to conect hard piping.

Paul, I'm still thining hard that I want a mount for the turbo. Brian says he never uses one until the turbo is over 22 lbs. But he does use a flex pipe. I really want it there because there is no 100% sure fire way to tell what the tubing is going to do after a few heat cycles. My welds are gravy.:D It's SO much easier to be certain you get penetration with tig it's unreal.

Steel, right now I am stil trying to figure if I want to cut a hole in the car for a cold air intake. But how many people want to actually do that ? I keep leaning towards the non intercooled version being for less hard core guys. No holes to cut, not much boost. The guys whole want the most HP are going to HAVE TO cut holes for the IC, so what's another for a filter ?
You will also need to run a boost referenced regulator and return line for your fuel system. And a good set of subrames and tires. :p
10secgoal said:
It's SO much easier to be certain you get penetration with tig it's unreal.

I am looking at buying a tig machine within the next few weeks? What machine are you using? I have been trying to research this but I have never tigged before so I don't really know what to look for. It must be capable of doing aluminum so that mandates ac/dc but other than that I am open to anybrand.

Right now I am leaning toward the miller syncrowave 200 but any insight you could provide would be great.

I am using the Synchrowave 250. Not sure if the 200 is still in the "hobbyists level" or not. Mine is not water cooled, but it is a big plus. Most that aren't "hobbyist level" all come now with a water cooled torch. Keep the torch cooler, but if you not running high amerpage, not a big deal. But it will save you on your gas. To keep the tungsten from getting contaminated, you must keep it shielded from the air until it cools enough not to be contaminated (after you stop welding). If it's not water cooled, you have to turn up the time for 18 to about 35 seconds. Just a little more of a waste of argon (not really cheap). PM me if you have more question. I can get a little more detailed..
FWIW, I am getting pricing right now, but it looks like the kits are going to be out of stainless completely. I found a place to get the bends in bulk, and get them for a little more than mild steel. Prettier metal, better heat quality, less outside heat, needs no jet hot coating, faster spooling...see where I'm going.??
Will this kit be only for a 289/302, or will it also work with a 351?

Since it sounds like you're serious about going into production with this stuff, good luck and I hope you can make a career of it and make lots of money.
Thanks. Don't know if I want it to be a career yet or not. would be fun. Biggest reason I wanna do it is so others can have a kit. I know that's real do gooder like, but there are still a ton of things I remember from the first ride I will never forget. If I can make some money to make it worth my time to continue it, great.
The kits will be different as far as 351 and 289/302 are concerned. Mostly with the crossover. It's going to be 67-68 289, then 351.Then 65-66 289/302 and then 351...I think, so far...maybe
The reason I mention the career bit is because this is the way EVERY name you know in the speed parts biz started out, making stuff in their garage for other gearheads. A lot of these guys have made a good living, and put a lot of people to work, and had a great time doing it.
I know..---->
180 Out said:
The reason I mention the career bit is because this is the way EVERY name you know in the speed parts biz started out, making stuff in their garage for other gearheads. A lot of these guys have made a good living, and put a lot of people to work, and had a great time doing it.
My suplier for turbos and the wastegate was laughing at me when I first talked to him. He said this is exactly how he started out. Made some parts. Then word got out. He made his first kit. Someone took it to the track, and it ran a sick time. His buddies that where there with him ordered a kit from that company before he even got a call to find out how well the kit did. He takes a leave of absence for a month to catch up on his orders. Never went back and his company made 180k last year.
But I'm not looking at it like that. Don't want to get my hopes up, because I don't know if there even a market big enough to keep me afloat. Eh, we'll see I guess.
The fisrt few I'm just going to make and then sell. I may throw the first one on ebay to see how it does. That's why I wanted to save the money. I don't want to make people have to pay a deposit. I won't have to rush because I have their money, and they don't need to feel uncomfortable about forwarding over 1K. I'm not a crook, but not everyone knows me. The only time I'm gonna ask for one is when I have to build a kit that I don't plan on making a jig for. 350 in a mustang, 429 in a 65, you know the crazy stuff.