Turbo Project Update


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Oct 11, 2007
Port Orchard, WA
So first off I'm going to say I'm the worst when it comes to keeping everyone informed and especially posting pictures.

Building up my '95 cobra in memory of the person who inspired my mustang love and obsession... my dad.

The goods:
Dart "big Bore" 347 from CHP- motor combination switched around a few times and went with the recommended.
HP Performance stage 1 turbo kit.- still waiting on IC piping and headers:mad: (should be here in the next couple days)
Comp cams-custom grind with link bar lifters and the svt/ cobra RR's
Spec stage 3 clutch, steeda short throw
Thumper ported GT40's with upgraded valves and springs.

Painted engine bay with Semi-flat black(looks amazing)all accessory Brackets (aluminum), Valve covers. pretty much everything.
Installed the motor, transmission...looking so good.

Mocked up RollBar... interior is still sompletly gutted.

Stainless steel Brake lines(all) installed, along with Brembo blanks, hawk HPS pads, painted calipers.

1/2 of the battery relocation is done.

so much left to do and not mentioned yet.

Roll bar and full length subframes should be on this weekend.
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and more...

Most of my progress was done in the last week, and it is coming together fast depite some set backs.

most my problems have been parts being delayed and the god damn moroso oil pan:mad:
clearance problems up the ying yang... block plate for one. and it doesnt allow my clutch cable to pass through its respected hole in the bellhousing..any fixes for that.

my uncle is a machinist and is going to machine something from Stainless to relocate the cable off to the side, hopefully this works
sounds like an awesome project cant wait to see it when its done. Those HP Turbo kits are nice!! I've known 2 people with them and they both produce good power and look really nice.
come on now dont jinx me...

when i do get to the point of starting her up im going to get her to fire over then its straight to the dyno tuner(local guy that many have had great success with)going to do the break in on the dyno.

whats the best way to post pics on here,... seem to mess it up everytime i try
i think I've already gone through my explanation of this heads with both of you before... lol.

Im not looking for mega horsepower right now, and ive done the research and they'll be just fine for what im looking for power wise. Just wanted a solid bottom end to support future mods.
I think the poster could easily put down 600 rwhp through thumper ported heads with valve train upgrades. He'll already be making 320-350 rwhp without the turbo. 13-14PSI would put him at the 600rwhp mark, if he even wants to go that high.

What are you running for an intake?

Overspinning any motor will tear up the valve train...

I dont plan on taking the car past 6250rpm (stock rev limiter) and im planning on setting my Crane HI-6s at 6200rpm. Think That'll be pretty safe. I've discussed the flow and my expectations with Mike Schultz(Thumper) and he is certain they are fine.

The Intake is a ported Gt-40, will be putting a Trickflow on during the summer and by winter it will be time for some AFR's. Anymore than 600 hp and i'll have to upgrade the turbo

Thanks for Looking out for me though 95WhiteVenom
Today 06:30 AM
Well in that case don't ever overspin that motor. You will tear those heads a new *******.

Pictures are coming tonight...

Tomorrow im going to finsih painting/dying the interior. Should be around 70 degrees:)
What turbo comes with that kit? I had a t64e for mine and it was way too small. From the maps I looked at I was way out of its efficiency range for my combo. I hope you have something bigger than that, if not watch out for high intake charge temps and backpressure in the turbine.
No prob man.
I can't wait to see some pics.

Adam I was reffering to the fact that his motor revs. quicker.
Ya know miss a shift racing or something and a stock motor is fine.
miss a shift in a turbo 347 with a turbo and thumpers and a loud boom could be in your near future. Those RPM's come up real fast!
Yea I see your numbers and a good set of aluminum heads and that T-60 would create a lot more power depending on the trim.
Which is it .50 or .70 or .81?
The t-60's are made to run lower RPM range.