Turn signal help

Currently my car is taken apart I have the dash out, column down and every wire but the fuse box, cluster, headlight switch, and the wiper/ turn signal arm (forgot the name the one on the steering column). I have a new flasher relay in as well. I can turn on my highbeams, parking, and lowbeams but i cant seem to activate my turn signals, Im putting in a 360 camera system and need to wire to the turn signal "anodes" not sure what they are or if they even exist as the camera is badly translated from chinese. So im probably going to wire straight off of the signal wire but I need to have it working for troubleshooting. Any help is appreciated as I haven't wired before.
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My bad I probably should have included that. Its a 1988 gt convertible.

View: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1on5czXKmpETzxUggWTGtoUuVkJT2UUxN/view

Page 54 in above link

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