Tweeters in the dash...

I am redoing all the gauges and the dash pad this weekend and have always wanted to mount some tweeters into the dash (countersunk) Has anyone done this and have advise or pics? I have two tweeters in the middle defrost vent and two more sitting on the dash but that looks so 80's Hell I cut my Mullet :rock: off years ago so its time to update the old girl...I'm keeping my old Cobra trapshooter though.
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i was going to do this on my coupe, but the dash pad isn't thick enough to countersink the speakers all the way, it would require cutting into the top of the dash itself.

unfortunately, i had already installed my windshield, so i couldn't really do much about it.

perhaps if you had some really slim profile speakers you could manage, or at least have them stick up a little bit but cover them with speaker cloth to cover it up?
Go with some 1 inch dome tweeters.

They are no brainers to install, and sound pretty good if you fire them off the glass. Gutting the dash would be a mess in the end......if I tried it anyways.

tweekers in the dash....LMAO.

brought back memories of youth, sorry.
Are you mounting them in the metal dash or the pad? I had my tweeters in little angled cups and I just had the mounted to the pad in the bottom outside corners. Kinda hidden, almost ear level and was really easy. As for mounting them in the pad, I would just get a hole saw and cut the hole alittle smaller than the tweeter then squeeze the tweeter in there. You may even get some sealant or something to keep it from moving or falling through.
I have mine mounted in the metal part, between the doors and the glove box/guage cluster. They look and sound really good there, but you have to cut holes in the metal.


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