Typhoon Intake Manifold Owners Come In


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Oct 19, 2003
I am getting a new intake manifold. I can't decide between the Typhoon and the cobra. I was going to get the cobra port and polished. I might do the same to the typhoon. Typhoon owners do you like the intake manifold. How much HP will I increase. And when I get a new intake manifold will my car sound different?
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Dont get the typhoon with stock heads and cam. Wait until you have a heads/cam combo and then consider it

I had some issues with the fuel rail hitting the lower intake , i had to notch the lower a bit.

I did make a transition from the cobra mani to the typhoon, and i picked up some time with no other changes.. But like i said above, i wouldnt use it with stock heads and cam.. Maybe an edelbrock performer or trickflow street heat would be the best bet for you.
Its a short runner intake, made for higher rpms where the stock cam doesnt work well. Its a great blower intake as well. With it in my combo, i get no power below 2500, but it screams over 5k.

Go with the edelbrock performer, then swap the rpm upper on later when you need it.

FYI - typhoon and the edelbrock RPM are the same, the typhoon is just casted in china and is cheaper.
Dude, like he said, it wont work well with stock mustang heads no matter if you have a cam or not. Its not that it wont work with your heads but it won't make optimum power because its made for higher rpm power while your heads arent. Since the stock heads aren't too great at making higher rpm power, and that intake makes power higher up you'll end up with a loss of low end power and not much of a higher end gain.
If you are planning on getting heads soon then go for the typhoon, but if that is a long ways away then go for a performer.
Do not get an intake other than Cobra, GT40, Trick Flow STREET heat or Edel PERFORMER with stock heads and cam and NO power adder. I got the Typhoon, and have stock h/c, but I have the Vortech. Also, I dont know anyone here with a diff cam and stock heads...does no good either. The other intakes have shorter runners and will hurt your low end. I was probably the first one around here to "take a chance" with the Typhoon. I got mine polished from Ebay for yes $349 :banana: A shop put mine on with my Vortech, so I dont know if there were any problems. My FIRST CHOICE actually was a Cobra, extrude hone and mirror on top, but they wanted $700 for it...beautiful piece, but with my other mods, was gonna cost too much.
Good luck
SuperDust22 said:
. I was think about getting a new cam but I was going to leave head. I might getting some new rocker arms. Would that work well.

Dont get a new cam until you have Aftermarket heads. You can do the oppisite and get new heads and leave the stock cam and it will run ok but and aftermarket can on stock heads wont run that well. This is what you need to do

1 Get an aftermarket intake, Edelbrock or Cobra

2. get a set of Heads, Cam, and Roller Rockers

When you start doing big motor upgrades then mixing stock parts w/ aftermarket parts wont work well untill you have the whole combo, you wont get as much out the heads you get w/ out a cam, and u wont get the best of of a cam and head combo w/ out doing the intake. This is what Im doing to mine. I currently have a Cobra Intake that Im sending out to be ported to match the Trick flow Heads I want to buy and Im prob going w/ a Trick flow stage 1 cam along w/ some 1.6 Stud mounted roller rockers.
What about if I get the head ported out with a new cam and intake and rocker arms. Then would the typhoon work well. Or is porting the head a waste of time and money. Money is kind of tight. I am looking for the cheap way to do this.
Dude, why are you so set on the Typhoon intake? You need to see past it because your car does not need one. You can go right ahead and put one on but your car is for sure going to make less power than if you put on a TF street heat or an eddy performer. Its that simple. Leave intakes like the Typhoon, Eddy RPM, and RPM 2 to the folks with hci or blowers. Your car doesnt need one. Not trying to be a jerk, just realistic.
the typhoon is a nice cheap intake but if you look around you can find a Trickflow for cheaper in the for sale ads used or if you want it new they are still cheap....porting heads that dose work but it's a lot of time..and it wouldn't perform like aftermarket heads....if you realy want to go the cheap way....buy a set of GT40p heads port them alittle and get a typhoon but with stock heads and no boost your just going to have to rev to high to feel the power....stock our blocks shoulnd't be reved past 5500rpms
The cheaper route is GT40p heads, Cobra 1.7 rockers, TFS street heat intake and whatever cam you decide. Like the others said the Typhoon which is high RPM intake on stock heads will work but not perform like you want.
I will get new heads and cam in time. I just wanted to buy a good intake now so when I get heads and a cam it will work well. I think I am going to buy a cobra intake manifold and get it port and polish. I found one for cheap. What to you guys think. Should I do that instead? I just thought the typoon would be good in the long run. I don't care if it doesn't do much now.
SuperDust22 said:
Well, I actually just found a nice used cobra intake. Now I have to figure how what I want to do to it.
Do it just like this! :nice: