Fox Rearend SN95 swap with 10 wide wheels


Jun 25, 2022
Miami, FL
Hello, I have a 87 T-top and it currently has 4 lug drums in the rearend. I purchased a sn95 rearend from a 1994 gt to do full disc brake swap
I know sn95 axels are 3/4 of an inch longer.
I want to make SVE series 3 Rims Fit on my foxbody.
I know there was many threads on this but I’m not sure what I need exactly to make these rims fit on my fox as I love the look with them but want disc brakes 5 lugs.

These are the specs:
Size: 18x10
Offset: +20mm
Backspacing: 6.28
Lip Size: 2.50"
Weight: 26.95lbs
Lug Pattern: 5x114.3
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Here is my 18x9 +24mm offset with Fox length axles with a 5/16" spacer (8mm). My wheel opening is rolled (hammered actually prior to body work) and I do not have rubbing.

20210703_210631.jpg 20220526_230219.jpg 20220526_230157.jpg

So lets do some math:

18x10 rim will move outer lip 12mm out.

difference in offset is +4 further out - so far +16mm out from pictured

you won't need the spacer so -8mm - so far +8mm out from picture

longer axles will move +19mm out - so +27mm (1-1/16") further out than pictured.

With Fox axles it should only be +8mm further out.

The SN axles and the rims you want with a +40 - 45 mm offset should fit with +45 being really close to mine as far as outer lip.