Suspension Unbearable Front Vibration

hey everyone, I got a great deal on a 89 Mustang without a tranny and yesterday I finally got it running with a used T5 and I was on the road 2 things happened. First, there was like a 15-20 degree delay in response to the steering to the wheels and when I reached about 20 MPH there was a slight vibration.. when I got to about 40-50 MPH the vibration was unbearable!! to the point where I thought my engine/transmission was going to rattle out!! Also I noticed some fluid leaking from the sleeve near the outer control tie rod, please help! Thanks!
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The rack is often replaced with a rebuilt unit when the inner tie rods go bad. Cost and ease of the job just do not usually add up to do just the inner ends. You can check the quality of the fluid to see if it is like an old burned up Tranny or not. The rag joint is easy to check with an assistant. Get your light on the top of the rack to see the joint and have the assistant move the wheel back And forth. The parts should not move independently. You can read up on the web about checking the other parts, but you probably need good insurance or a shop visit ASAP.
Changes direction under load, huh? Check the rear suspension too, especially the "torque boxes", which are the pockets in the body where the upper and lower rear control arms attach. If they're tearing or torn completely, the rear end can shift under load and steer the car.
Not necessarily. Does it look like there's rubber coming out from between the center and outer ring? Look at it with the engine running, does it look like it's wobbling? Are the timing marks way off?